Alcorn McBride

's Digital Video Machine HD has been awarded the 2003 Governor's New Product Award. Co-sponsored by the Governor’s office and the Florida Engineering Society, this award is presented on the basis of excellence in design and economic impact on the state of Florida. The competition is divided into categories for small, medium, and large companies. Alcorn McBride won in the medium company category.

The Digital Video Machine HD is a high-definition video player that replaces traditional film projectors. The Digital Video Machine HD uses MPEG-2 video compression technology to store theatrical-quality video on a high-speed hard disk drive. This technology is used in DVDs and high-definition television sets, but the Digital Video Machine HD takes it to a higher level. Because quality of picture is proportional to bandwidth, the Digital Video Machine HD operates at over six times the bandwidth of DVDs, and nearly three times the broadcast high-definition rate. The result is a picture comparable to a 35mm film projector.

The Digital Video Machine HD’s combination of leading-edge video technology, computer control systems, high-speed storage, and advanced printed circuit board fabrication techniques is extremely innovative, making the product the highest quality video player available in its price range. It and other Alcorn McBride products are used in major theme parks around the world.

Alcorn McBride employs a staff of 15 engineers and other professionals at its Orlando facility. The manufacture, warehousing, and shipping of products provides employment for approximately 40 additional individuals at companies in Melbourne, Sarasota, and Longwood. Alcorn McBride products have accounted for over $40 million in sales since 1989. For each of the past three years, Alcorn McBride has been named to the Florida Fast 50, recognizing it as one of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Florida.

The Florida Governor's New Product Award was presented to Alcorn McBride at the Legislative Forum in Tallahassee on March 10, 2003. Winners will be entered into the national competition conducted by the National Society of Professional Engineers.

For more information about Alcorn McBride or the Digital Video Machine HD, contact Grace Warfield, marketing manager, at 407-296-5800 or e-mail