AKG Acoustics

has completed and is distributing Mic Check, a CD-ROM and audio CD that enables musicians, producers, engineers, and retailers to compare and contrast AKG microphones with various features and prices. This free enhanced audio CD can be played in a standard CD player or as a CD-ROM and includes 89 dynamic tracks.

AKG Acoustics US marketing manager, Sarita Stewart, states, “Most microphone purchases are made without the benefit of a real demonstration. The main goal of this enhanced audio CD is to provide the reference points that are needed for the consumer to make a more informed and, ultimately, better purchasing decision. Listeners can hear for themselves the uncolored difference between microphones on many different instruments. Mic Check doesn’t replace listening comparisons in a studio, but it is AKG’s best attempt to bring the end user one step closer to that ideal.”

Mic Check is intended for distribution to serious musicians, studio owners, home recording enthusiasts, and is available directly from AKG and at the company’s website, www.akgusa.com.

The enhanced audio CD had been in the works for over nine months. Recording took place during three sessions at Masterlink Studios, Nashville, and in Chicago at both Pipertoonz and Perfect Sound Studios. In each case, multiple microphones were used to record professional musicians playing various instruments. Listening to each track in relation to one another will give the listener a chance to make an informed decision on the sound qualities of each microphone.

When Mic Check is played as a CD-ROM in computers, it will provide not only audio tracks but also commentary from the producers and engineers, as well as details on the AKG products used on each track.

“We recognize that there are many variables when recording and that each instrument, musician, room and placement is unique,” explains Stewart. “We’ve made no creative or technical decisions on the end users behalf. On some instruments, the end user may prefer a lower priced microphone to a studio standard, or a ½” condenser to a 1” large diaphragm. The idea is to give the listener a chance to make their own decision based on their own needs and based on what they are hearing.”

AKG Acoustics, U.S. is located at 914 Airpark Center Drive, Nashville, TN 37217. The telephone number is 615-620-3800. The web address iswww.akgusa.com

AKG Acoustics GmbH is headquartered at Lemböckgasse 21-25, A-1230 Vienna, Austria. The telephone number is 43-1-86654-0. The web address iswww.akg.com

AKG Acoustics is part of the Harman International family of companies.