Los Angeles, Calif.—To better serve its rapidly expanding American market base, Airstar Space Lighting, has instituted a sweeping reorganization plan, starting with changing its name to Airstar America. The new name, along with other major changes, reflects the company’s commitment and dedication to the American market. One such change is the move of Benoit Beylier, president and one of the company’s two founding principles, from France to America. Beylier will oversee the firm’s five-year growth plan and its three main U.S. offices from headquarter offices in Los Angeles.

Finally, key management personnel were given more authority over specific Airstar markets, ensuring that each client base will receive more personal attention and the full benefit of their expertise and knowledge.

In the Los Angeles office, Todd Wimett will focus on the film industry, working with production teams of major motion pictures, commercial productions, and photography. Wimett has been instrumental in listening to the needs of cinematographers and DP’s, and instigating technical changes in Airstar’s products that meet those needs.

Stacy Kohlbrand will head up Airstar America’s national tradeshow and exhibit market. Kohlbrand has been in this particular industry for 10 years and brings her knowledge to Airstar America’s growing client base.

In the Austin office, Lisa Wessels will take charge of Airstar’s special event market, continuing to expand its reach into events of all types, including the emerging field of sports marketing. Also from this office, John Wessels will direct the company’s expansion into construction and rescue markets. Wessels and other Airstar personalities traveled to the side of the World Trade Center to bring much-needed lighting to the rescue operation.

Airstar, the originator and worldwide leader of lighting balloons, manufactures spheres from three to 20 feet in diameter, incorporating either halogen or metal halide discharge lamp systems. The assortment includes both air- and helium- filled systems. Airstar products are employed by a variety of industries such as film, TV, special events, exhibitions, and construction.