Advanced Optical Technologies (AOT)

, which hold numerous patents in a wide variety of optical distribution and reception technology launches Renaissance Lighting, making available the industry’s first collection of Constructive Occlusion™ lighting fixtures. These fixtures represent a significant breakthrough in optical technology providing radically improved lighting outputs for a wide variety of architectural lighting fixtures. Several scientists and engineers who helped found Renaissance Lighting conceived a fundamentally new approach to distributing and collecting electromagnetic energy [light] that results in a highly uniform, tailorable light distribution.

“The ability to precisely control light distribution using diffuse surfaces without compromising efficiency represents a significant breakthrough for the lighting industry,” said Jack Rains, president of Renaissance Lighting. “Using Constructive Occlusion™ our lighting fixture designers are able to achieve performance that previously was simply not possible. This allows the potential for a much better distribution pattern from the fixture and/or a significant reduction in the total number of fixtures required for an application. This provides the lighting designer and electrical engineer a new, significantly more efficient tool to accomplish their lighting task.” Rains concluded.

Constructive Occlusion™ uses a precise, patented geometry of optical components and diffuse surfaces to distribute light in a specifically controlled manner. Conventional lighting products typically use specular metal reflectors to redirect light and/or refractors. In both cases the redirection is accomplished with a single reflection or refraction. A single bounce system quite often will scatter a significant percentage of its output outside of the desired distribution. By contrast, Renaissance Lighting’s mask and cavity reflector system uses reflectors created with diffuse materials to redirect light after multiple bounces occur within a given lighting fixture. Because the mask and cavity surround the lamp, all of the light emanating from the lamp can be redirected into the required distribution area.

Constructive Occlusion™ enables the creation of wide field of view and highly uniform light distributions that have been unattainable with conventional lighting products. This technology also provides the ability to control the light distribution and achieve high field efficiencies, and eliminates striations/gradients, or high frequency intensity variations, which are common in specular and refractive lighting fixtures. Because it uses diffuse surfaces, the exact surface profile is not critical which provides additional manufacturing options allowing this improved technology to be offered without the usual increase in product costs. The flexibility of diffuse cavities in these lighting fixtures increases the options available to designers, allowing for more attractive fixtures.

The first fixture released by Renaissance Lighting is a semi-recessed wall-washer. The unit is available in 39, 70, and-150W Ceramic Metal Halide or up to 150W quartz versions. This will be followed immediately by an uplight version of the optical system, a bollard unit and an exterior building wash unit. “Over the next 12 months Renaissance will be releasing a full range of lighting fixtures including linear fluorescent, pole lights, interior and exterior wall lights, interior and exterior wash lights, as well as the fluorescent, bollards and uplights” said Jack Rains.

KATIE Group, Inc. of North Hollywood California has been retained by Renaissance Lighting to exclusively handle the marketing and sales of all Renaissance Lighting products. “We are pleased to be associated with this breakthrough technology”, said Tom Folsom, partner in KATIE Group. “We have been working with AOT for the past 2+ years in the development of this product line, and based upon the reaction so far of our sales force and the industry designers, the time and efforts were worth it,” he continued.

Complete documentation on the products and the technology is available at Renaissance and KATIE Group’s web sites.

Renaissance Lighting and Katie Group

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