Adtec Digital's edje MPEG video player will deliver content to the FogScreen at IAAPA Orlando 2003, Nov. 19-22 at the Orange County Convention Center.

"We are excited to host the FogScreen in our booth during IAAPA this year," Ron Johnson, VP of Sales & Marketing at Adtec Digital, said. "It's a perfect combination of the world's most innovative video technology, driving the world's most unique video display."

The FogScreen is a suspensible device that creates a thin, smooth fog surface used for image projection, allowing actors and objects to be brought into view.

"Objects seem to appear and move in thin air," Mika Herpio of FogScreen said. "The FogScreen provides Adtec with a unique way to display how their content delivery products work."

The most unique feature of the FogScreen is that viewers can walk through the screen into the moving picture.

Adtec's edje players will be powering the content displayed on the FogScreen.

"The award-winning edje MPEG digital video player and network appliance is an intelligent alternative to DVD players and video servers," Johnson said. "It offers reliable management and playback of MPEG 2 video files and has an advanced feature set that includes synchronous playback and external device control."

The edje-2000 streaming encoder is an affordable, real time MPEG 2 encoding and distribution solution for fixed or mobile IP networks.

Both products are housed in a miniature chassis and operate on 12VDC power.

Applications for both Adtec Digital and FogScreen products include museums, themed attractions, stage shows, cruise ships, nightclubs and interactive multimedia presentations.

"Adtec Digital has over 20,000 MPEG players and encoders deployed worldwide," Johnson said.

Adtec Digital is a world-leading manufacturer of professional MPEG-2 based solutions including decoders, encoders, multiplexers, single channel commercial insertion controllers and digital cable headends. Adtec will be located with the FogScreen at booth No. 1075 at IAAPA. For more information on Adtec and their products, visit >.

The FogScreen is based on patented technology developed by Dr. Ismo Rakkolainen and professor, Dr. Karri Palovuori at Tampere University in Finland. FogScreen will debut on the east coast at IAAPA in booth No. 1075. For more information about FogScreen Inc., visit >.

IAAPA Orlando 2003 is the 85th annual convention and trade show of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. For more information about IAAPA, visit .