ADB-TTV’s chief executive officer Christian Léonard announced that the company has appointed Larry Busch as group marketing manager, based in Zaventem, Belgium. Busch will lead all marketing activities within the ADB-TTV Group of companies, including its subsidiaries in Germany and France, by promoting the newest product developments and by working with the product marketing and R&D team to develop more sophisticated tools for the professional lighting community.

“ADB has already proved a wonderful place to work and I’m proud to be a part of ADB’s ongoing changes and look forward to helping our partners and customers in whatever way I can,” says Busch. “During the past four years I have experienced a very close relation with our partners and this will be a critical issue to my success with this new mission.”

Busch joined ADB’s headquarters in 2001 as area sales manager for Central and East Europe, Turkey, and Africa. His promotion is part of the ongoing effort by ADB-TTV’s new management and owners to strengthen the group’s position in the international lighting market. Earlier this year Pascale Van Eycken was appointed as chief marketing communications officer.

Prior to joining ADB-TTV, Busch gained extensive industry experience working at professional theaters in Austria in various technical areas from general technical management to lighting design. Immediately before joining ADB-TTV in 2001, Busch served as rental manager at the Austrian lighting rental and sales company LTK. Using his experience with lighting design and the knowledge gained through the daily use of professional lighting equipment, he has already been contributing to the ADB product development and marketing team.