A.C.T Lighting, Inc. is now representing the Brother, Brother & Sons(BBS) line of products in the US and Canada.

Denmark-based BBS is a design and product-development company working in the professional lighting and entertainment arenas. It currently makes a line of yokes for large video projectors and long-distance profile spots as well as the unique EvenLED system for evenly-lit backdrops.

Bob Gordon, president and CEO of A.C.T Lighting, stated, “The team at Brother, Brother & Sons are some of the most creative folks I’ve ever met. They work in a house in Copenhagen that was once used by Hans Christian Andersen, and they turn out wonderful high-tech products. The v-Base projector yokes are the most accurate of their type, and the fact that they have a 100% duty cycle makes them ideally-suited for continuous use with high accuracy.”

BBS offers v-Base video projector yokes for the Barco SLM R12+, Digital Projections 12000Dsx, and Sanyo PLC-XF 45, which securely hold and move a given projector. The yokes can also be used for other projectors with some customization. By essentially motorizing the projector, the yoke not only projects a host of moving images but also produces unique effects unachievable by any other method.

The v-Base video projector yokes, which have been used extensively on television and awards shows in Europe, are constructed with heavy-duty, industrial components and offer superb repeatability and smooth, precise moves. Complex image-manipulation challenges are nonexistent with the v-Base yoke, unlike systems employing mirrors.

The yokes control pan and tilt plus selected parameters of the projector via a standard DMX 512 lighting console. These parameters include projector on/off, mechanical shutter, zoom, focus, orientation, shift, keystone, brightness, contrast, color temperature, color and control channels.

In addition, the BBS OperaYOKE is now part of the company’s standard product line. It was originally custom-made for the Royal Danish Opera which needed remote-control capabilities for Robert Juiliat 711 SX profiles. OperaYOKE offers a high level of accuracy at a distance of 100' with control of the zoom and focus of the 711 SX.

“Brother, Brother & Sons also makes other products that will blow your mind,” concluded Bob Gordon, “and I am honored to represent them in the US and Canada. The public will be amazed at what comes out of their shop in the next few years. I know that I can hardly wait after seeing their research first hand.”