Strand Lighting is pleased to announce that they received the Lighting Product of the Year award for their Palette family of control consoles at this years ABTT show in London. David Catterall European sales and marketing director adds “Last year we launched the EC21 dimmer rack - that was fantastic - this year we had Wallrack, 6 pack, 3 pack, EC21 Sinewave dimmers and of course the three console range of Palette - so what could be better than all of this? … Winning the ABTT Product of the Year Award." “Our software and hardware design teams led by Richard Lawrence and Philip Nye have done a great job and we are all pleased to bring these products to the market.”

There are three groups of control consoles in the range:

Clean, elegant, and very, very powerful, classicPalette is a classic memory console. With 150, 250 or 500 channels (and double those numbers of attributes), two playbacks and 32 submasters, classicPalette will eat up complex shows, easily – elegantly. ClassicPalette comes bundled with WYSIWYG CE, for real-time visualization across the network.

Single-scene/two-scene control is still the best starting point for a lighting control education, and the presetPalettes are designed for teaching. Two versions offer 32/64 or 48/96 single/two-scene preset operation plus memory control. When students are familiar with preset operation, there is no limit to what they can learn from the power and intelligence of PaletteOS.

The subpalette features 128 submasters for hands-on control of lights, groups, effects or just about anything, subPalette has been designed for live shows, TV production and tours. With all the power of Palette, and the incredible flexibility of all those faders and bumps buttons users will be able to quickly program the most complex shows easily. subPalettes are available with 250 or 500 channels and are also supplied with WYSIWYG Console Edition for real time visualization.

All of the Palette family of consoles feature the new graphical PaletteOS operating system which offers a wide range of graphical on screen controls and easy to read displays. The new software is based on the Linux operating system for solid reliable operation. Inside the desks users will find a clean simple USB connection system to an industrial processor with a powerful Intel core and 40GB hard disk. Library storage has moved from the floppy disks of the past to USB memory keys with more storage and easy handling.

The new desks also feature graphical offline editors that run on Mac OS/X and Windows XP making it easier than ever to edit a show and move it between consoles and venues. Strand's xConnect remote monitoring software has also gone graphical with the new consoles.

The new OS is connected to the past as well with the ability to read and write show files from the Strand 300 and 500 series consoles. Operators familiar with those desks will be able to step up to the new consoles and run them easily as Strand retained most the command structure from these systems.

For further information contact:
Peter Rogers
Vice President Sales
Tel: 714 230 8200