ESTA’s Seminars & Training Committee presents Programming Automated Lighting Fixtures on a Conventional Tracking Console on Sunday, March 20, 2005, from 9:00am - 5:00pm, immediately following USITT in Toronto, Canada.

This one-day hands-on training workshop covers the basics of programming automated lighting fixtures on a conventional tracking console (Strand Lighting 500 Series). The workshop is limited to 20 people (2 people per console). This workshop will cover such topics as:

— Patching - fixture personalities, DMX channel mapping, DMX universes and addresses

— LTP vs HTP - sub masters, multiple cue lists vs. single cue lists

— Tracking/Non-Tracking - stage mode/blind mode, manipulating/copying fixture attributes

— Command Line Programming - terminology, recording palletes, grouping attributes

— Programming Fixture Selections (i.e. Groups) - terminology, recording

— Cues - timing elements, numbering schemes, copying/deleting/moving, creating blocked cues

— Cue Playback - manually advancing, pausing, jumping, stepping, monitoring, releasing

— Cue Editing - opening, making changes, rerecordng, cue-only

— Cue Lists - part cues, follow/wait cues, link cues, mark cues

— Chase/Sequences/Loops - auto follows, jumping, options

— Tracking issues - inserting and deleting

— Effects - adding effects to an attribute of a fixture

— Saving the Show

— Merging Cues and Palettes Between Shows

The instructor for the course is Bobby Harrell, who has been working as a lighting designer and programmer in opera, dance and theatre for over 15 years. He holds an MFA in Lighting Design from the University of California Los Angeles. Harrell regularly teaches console training because he believes, “as long as the theatre design community continues to demand more sophisticated programming at an even faster pace programmers will need to respond with an ever greater understanding of the control desk.”

The workshop will be held at: Strand Lighting 2430 Lucknow Drive, Unit 15, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Transportation will be provided to and from the Metro Toronto Convention Center. Price includes transportation and lunch.

Register by February 11th, 2005 – Space is limited! This workshop is presented in cooperation with Strand Lighting Professionals $295. ESTA, USITT and IATSE Members Special Price $225. Student Price $150. For registration information: ESTA Seminars & Training, or call Greer Morrison at 212-244-1505.