Unaxis Optics recently signed a non-exclusive technology license agreement for Vikuiti™ TIR Prisms with 3M Precision Optics, Inc.

The Vikuiti™ TIR Prism is an important design component of compact light engines employing Texas Instruments DLP® Technology in both front and rear-screen projection displays. Operationally, light enters and travels through the prism to illuminate the Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) at the heart of the DLP® technology. The image reflected off the DMD then passes through the TIR prism and is imaged onto the screen with the projection lens.

In addition to enabling a compact light engine, high brightness uniformity and excellent contrast result from inclusion of this 3M patented technology, which is simple to implement and flexible in its use. The Vikuiti™ TIR Prism can also be used in multiple configurations. In one configuration, the various elements and prism are configured so that the light is reflected by total internal reflection prior to being imaged. In a ‘reverse’ Vikuiti™ TIR Prism design, the light is reflected by total internal reflection after being imaged. The various configurations can be used to achieve different internal cabinet layouts of electronics and light engine designs.