What makes Midas’ VeniceF so special, for starters, is that it is the first professional analog live sound console to feature a multichannel digital audio FireWire interface, a feature, Midas says, that pioneers “a new genre of hybrid live audio consoles.” While the bus structure goes right along with the original Venice concept (six aux sends, four groups, and stereo masters), the F adds an additional mono bus and a 7x2 matrix. The EQ features an updated XL3 design, with four bands of swept Midas EQ and variable bandwidth on the two midrange filters. One sound designer on the panel notes, “The Midas VeniceF is a real monster for small- to medium-sized PA and recording tasks. It is an inexpensive desk with Midas quality preamps and four-band fully parametric EQ. It offers appropriately flexible routing and provides a FireWire bus that gives you digital access to every input—fantastic for recording purposes.”

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