PLASA (formerly also ESTA) members and staff were devastated to learn of the passing of our colleague and very good friend David Taylor this week. His passing was sudden and unexpected and leaves a void in our hearts and in our organization. Not only was David a forward-thinking theatre professional in lighting design and theatre consultation, but he led the way with modesty, humor, and an open-minded approach always considering the greater good of the industry, the myriad people who do the work and indeed the earth as a whole. David served as vice president for ESTA for five years and was currently serving as Vice Chair of the PLASA North American Regional Board and a member of the new Governing Body.

David's warmth and humor could be counted on at every greeting, no matter how brief and far between. He was a reliable comrade in every endeavour we shared, even though he was one of the busiest people on the planet. He was always willing to lend a hand and to contribute his global point of view.

We at PLASA extend our sincere condolences to David's wife, Sara, and his two beloved sons, Sebastian and Oliver, in this most difficult moment. The loss of David from our midst cannot compare to that of those whom he loved the most. We know how dear they were to him by the stories and pictures he so lovingly shared with us.

We too find it hard to imagine a world without David.

A Facebook page has been established.