Lighting Designer: Hugh Vanstone
Associate Lighting Designer: Joel Shier
Assistant Lighting Designer: Craig Stelzenmuller
Production Electrician: Randy Zaibek
Lighting Programmer: David Arch
Media Associate & Programmer: Laura Frank
Laser Consultant: Norman Ballard, Laser Production Services for the Visual Arts
Head Electrician: Mike Cornell
Frontlights: Steve Long, Gary Fernandez
Moving Light Technician: Karen Hyman
House Electrician: Jim Spradling

Lighting Equipment (provided by PRG)

Control and Dimming
2 MA Lighting grandMA2 light (1 Active, 1 Backup)
4 MA Lighting grandMA NSP
4 PRG Series 400 Node Plus
3 ETC Sensor 96x2.4kW Dimmer Rack
1 ETC Sensor 24x2.4kW Dimmer Rack

1 Motion Labs 36x2.4kW Relay/Cue Light System
2 Motion Labs 24x2.4kW Power Distro Racks
2 Motion Labs 72x2.4kW Power Distro Racks

2 City Theatrical SHoW DMX Neo Transmitter
11 City Theatrical SHoW DMX New Receiver
11 City Theatrical SHoW DMX Wireless Dimmer

Automated Luminaires
9 Philips Vari-Lite VL3000Q Wash
6 Philips Vari-Lite VL1100 AS
25 Philips Vari-Lite VL550D Pastel with Stipple Lens
10 Martin Professional MAC 700 Profile
2 Martin Professional MAC III Profile
9 Martin Professional MAC III Performance

Conventional Luminaires
39 ETC Source Four 14° Ellipsoidal, Double Clutch
46 ETC Source Four 19° Ellipsoidal
62 ETC Source Four 26° Ellipsoidal
36 ETC Source Four 36° Ellipsoidal
2 ETC Source Four 50° Ellipsoidal
2 ETC Source Four 70° Ellipsoidal
2 ETC Source Four PAR VNSP
66 ETC Source Four PAR NSP
4 ETC Source Four PAR MFL
1 Philips Selecon Pacific 575W MSR 45°–75° Zoom
6 Lighting & Electronics MR11 Nano-Strip, 1 Circuit
5 PAR 36 Rain Light 30W, 6V

LED Luminaires
14 GLP X4 impression LED, RGBW
18 PixelRange PixelLine 6 LED, RGBW

32 Wybron ColorRam II 4” Color Scroller
28 Wybron ColorRam II 7.5” Color Scroller
6 Wybron ColorRam II Power Supplies
1 Philips Selecon Pacific Dowser
1 GAMProducts Twin Spin Dual Gobo Rotator

Special Effects
6 High End Systems Data Flash AF1000
100 GAMProducts Star Strobe

3 Lycian M2 Long Throw Followspots
1 Lycian M2 Ballasts

Hugh’s Disco Supplies
2 Mirror Ball, 2’ Diameter
2 Mirror Ball Motors, DMX Controllable
2 Artistry In Motion Big Shot Confetti Cannons

2 MDG Atmosphere APS Hazer
2 Look Solutions Unique 2.1 Haze Generator
2 Look Solutions Viper NT Fog Generator
2 Look Solutions Power Tiny Fogger
6 Martin Professional Jem A-I DMX Fan

Rigging and Hardware
2 6’ Flat Truss
4 10’ Flat Truss
3 10’ 12”x12” Truss
2 6’ 20.5”x20.5” Truss
12 10’ 20.5”x20.5” Truss
6 Custom Ladder, 9’-11”x3’-1”
4 Custom Ladder, 9’-11”x2’-6”
7 FOH Bridge, 10’ 12”x30”