Disassembling and repairing Citizen Band radios as a teenager in the early seventies was the impetus for a career encompassing wireless radio frequency equipment and technology in the entertainment production industry for over twenty-five years. Starting professionally working for a two-way radio dealer while in high school, then studying electrical engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology, Henry Cohen primarily worked as a touring sound technician, then mixer, for over twelve years with concert musical acts, ‘Broadway’ productions, corporate presentation and special events. Having worked extensively with wireless microphone, intercom and IFB systems during that time, Cohen began Production Radio Rentals in the early nineties. An RF specialty production company providing critical large scale wireless communications equipment, systems and services to the entertainment production industry, PRR has been involved in numerous high profile, large scale events, many where extensive and long range wireless voice communications, data, audio and video transmission links were otherwise considered impossible. In 2000, a customer approached PRR to design and build a compact, powerful and reliable wireless data link to access serial controlled professional audio processors; the result was the first in a line of wireless serial links and PRAM Technologies, formed with colleague Tom Bensen in 2001. Today, PRR is a recognized authority on event production wireless equipment, system engineering and deployment in critical and RF difficult environments while Cohen continues to lead the RF engineering efforts of both PRR and PRAM technologies, providing client consulting services and participating in industry seminars.

Course: The Changing RF Landscape