David I. Taylor trained in theatre design at London University and the University of Massachusetts. He works as a theatre consultant, lighting designer, and writer, based in Litchfield County, Connecticut. He leader of the Performing Arts Sector for the Americas at Arup, an international design/engineering firm. Previously, Taylor was one of the owners of Theatre Projects Consultants, a theatre consulting firm, and was consultant for new homes of the Philadelphia Orchestra and Seattle Symphony as well as the new permanent venue for the Academy Awards. He is working with Michael Tilson Thomas to reinvent the way orchestras work together around the world, creating a new venue for orchestral internet broadcast in Miami. Taylor is an accomplished musician who plays and writes for a variety of instruments, and records both live and in his project studio. He is an affiliate director of the Entertainment Services and Technology Association, ESTA the trade body for production equipment and services, is a professional member of the USITT and is a lifetime Fellow of the ALD,As a writer he has been published in a number of languages and has written features and articles for newspapers in Britain, Europe and North America. He was a Contributing Editor for Theatre Crafts International (now Entertainment Design). His books “Using Colour” and “Choosing Colour” are used in curricula on both sides of the Atlantic and his words are to be found in the teaching materials for 50,000 avid student Shakespeare-goers in Chicago and the new CD-Rom guides from Chicago Shakespeare Theatre.