Sound designer Abe Jacob is back on Broadway with Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles, which is the featured show for the Broadway Sound Master Classes this year. He has generously arrranged for all BSMC attendees to hear the sound check before the performance on Friday, May 20 at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre, 256 W.47 Street in NYC: the sound check is at 6pm; the performance at 8pm

Here's what Jim van Bergen, who is running sound for the show, has to say:

"Attending sound check for Rain is a very special experience. You can do what is rarely done in a Broadway theatre outside of the technical rehearsal: you can walk around and hear how this hybrid theatrical/concert system interacts and understand why the design is so successful. Usually when we attend theatre, you fight crowds to get to your one seat, and you hear the show from one seat. By attending a sound check, you can walk around and listen to the system and the room, as well as hear what selections the band chooses to run that day. And they don't just work on what’s in the show, they might play anything. We've heard them play great covers of everything from Led Zeppelin to The Who to the Stones, Billy Joel to Steely Dan. You simply never know!"

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