She’s back, the “mother of us all” when it comes to projection. Her annual presentation at the Broadway Lighting Master Classes is always intellectually compelling and entertaining, as Wendall K. Harrington is delightfully brilliant, defiantly funny, and a champion of high-quality projection design.

A self-proclaimed image junkie who still cuts photographs out of magazines, she set the Broadway stage on its ear with her beyond innovative imagery for The Who’s Tommy on Broadway in 1993. She is currently represented on Broadway with her projections for Driving Miss Daisy, off Broadway with the Signature Theatre Company's revival of Angels in America, and is working on operas in Norfolk and Minneapolis, as well as James Taylor And Friends at Carnegie Hall and a new production of Don Quixote for the Joffrey Ballet in the fall. She is also on the faculty of the Yale School of Drama.

At the BLMC on Wednesday, May 25, Harrington will discuss: The Truth About Projection Design… how lighting and projection interface, intertwine, interconnect and generally work together. Secrets revealed, its not as hard as it looks, it’s actually harder (well only if you want to do it right)!

“At BMLC, I'm discussing the usual lies, gossip, and recipes that you have come to expect,” she says. “Now that I have been teaching for a number of years my experience tells me lighting designers are not natural projection designers,” she adds, comparing the apples and oranges of the design world. “Of course there are exceptions, but projection design is all about image; lighting is more abstract, but we are all story tellers and should learn to play well together. That's what I try to encourage at the BLMC.”

Has technology changed the way she works, has an iPad replaced her scissors? “New technology has changed the way I work,” Harrington admits. “Now that there is no physical production, no slides, no film, to touch, to hold, the fees are less and digital imagery seems so easy anyone can do it well. My goal at the BMLC is to encourage depth, exploration, and craft."

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