Attendees to the BLMC range from professional designers of top shows (staff from Disney and Blue Man are among the alums) to regional theatre designers to design educators and students.

With seminars that cover everything from the basics of broadway lighting, finding inspiration through art, organizing paperwork, as well as panel discussions on working with projection and scenic design––the BLMC provides across-the-board training.

I have spent the last week here at the Live Design Master Classes and have learned more in one week than in the last semester of college. I have been given the chance to meet with some of the most important designers in their fields and pick their brains. I have really enjoyed this week and am ready for my next show to try all the things I have learned. Next year's classes are already on my mind and what possible things I might learn during them. This was my second year here at the Master Classes and it won't be my last. If you ever are presented with the chance to attend the classes do not let this opportunity pass you by, because it is the educational experience of a lifetime."
-Bill Digneit, designer