Marcel DeKeyzer, president of XL Video, is pleased to be hosting this year’s Live Design Projection Master Classes at the XL LED Lab, a unique space showcasing LED video technology from all over the world and serving as a resource to designers and architects in New York City’s SoHo district. DeKeyzer will kick off this year’s program on Monday, May 19th with a session entitled “Introduction To LED Video And Digital Lighting Technology Products And How Designers Are Integrating Them Into All Types Of Projects.”

DeKeyzer conceived the XL LED Lab as a venue where production companies, exhibit companies, and design companies can both discover and experiment with different products and application ideas. The XL LED Lab has over 40 separate full-scale installations of LED video products from a range of top manufacturers, all of which can be used for both entertainment and architectural projects. DeKeyzer’s philosophy includes, “Understanding that images can be very powerful—that they can magnify the impact of any event—concerts, sporting events, theatre performances, television, or trade shows.” He looks forward to welcoming all the Projection Master Class attendees and giving them a brief introduction to the LED Lab and to the wide range of emerging video and digital lighting options.