As Abbey Rosen Holmes heads toward her first experience as creative consultant for the Live Design Projection Master Classes at LDI2011, October 26 & 27 at Full Sail in Orlando, we take a moment to chat with her, and see who she is and what she has in store:

How did you get into this biz and what led you to concert design?

I still love working on concert design today for the same reasons which attracted me to concert design initially— the opportunity to work directly with fantastic artists who are primarily creating and performing their own work, and the design possibilities of a medium which can be very abstract in it's delivery but still have so much meaning at it's core.

How does your bi-coastal NYX Design firm work?

NYX Design is a partnership between myself, and designers Manny Treeson and Brian Gale. We're really lucky to work on lighting and video for projects across many areas of design including special events, concert, television, corporate, and themed architecture

How do you see projection as a visual design tool?

One of the interesting things to me about projection and video design are the wide range or roles it can play in performance and entertainment. From creating a sense of time and place, to occupying a filmic role in story telling, or in creation of an abstract spectacle—this is a design area with so many avenues for creativity.

Stepping in for Bob Bonniol could be daunting but you seem excited, what is it you like about leading the PMC?

This year's PMC has a really amazing line up of speakers and panelists. And also great representatives from product design in a field where the evolving technology seems to provide new opportunities every day. I'm looking forward to this chance to work with them all and see more of their work, and to a lively debate about the direction and future of this fast changing field.

What do you hope the attendees will take away from the PMC this year?

I think those attending the sessions will get a great window into the exciting work and developing technology in this field, and also real and specific learning in how to use the tools of design and production.

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