This year's Live Design Master Classes have expanded to include three Broadway shows, so that the sound, lighting, and projection classes will have the chance to see a production, enjoy a post-show discussion in the theatre and a design critique about the show at the classes. This year's shows include:

For the Broadway Sound Master Classes, the Public Theatre's revival of Hair, the seminal rock musical from the 1960s, which was revived by the Public Theatre last summer in Central Park and has moved to Broadway's Hirschfeld Theatre, with sound design by Nevin Steinberg and Sten Severson of Acme Sound Partners, who will be joined by legendary sound designer Abe Jacob for a look at the sound design for Hair, then (the 1960s-70s) and now.

For the Broadway Lighting Master Classes, the new Dolly Parton musical, 9 to 5, with lighting by Jules Fisher and Peggy Eisenhauer, additional lighting for Broadway by Ken Posner, and images by Peter Nigrini—all four designers will engage in a lively discussion of the lighting for 9 to 5 as it evolved from Los Angeles to Broadway.

For the Broadway Projection Master Classes, the musical Rock Of Ages and its video-infused look at 80s rock 'n' roll. Projection designer Zachary Borovay and lighting designer Jason Lyons explore the convergence of lighting and video in this production.

Register for the Master Classes online today and take advantage of $100 off all price points as well as low-cost houing in the NYU dorm.