Joining Pandoras Box by coolux, Green Hippo’s Hippotizer, and UnitedVisualArtists d3, MA Lighting’s grandMA Video joins the panel on playback options at the Live Design Projection Master Classes at XL LED Lab in New York City on Monday, May 19.

In addition to product introductions, panelists will discuss such subjects as:

What the media server provider needs to know from a designer in order to spec the proper system;

The theory and capabilities of media systems today and where are we headed;

Working in 2D/3D: Are we working/projecting in 2D or 3D environments, and what is the difference in terms of workspace;

Understanding media: what you can and cannot show;

Original content creation VS stock images;

Time: making sure the designer/programmer have enough time for uploading and coding images; and

Programming: the ease of use of control systems; control alone, or from an outside source?

Each will also show examples of recent projects: showing images and talking about the scope and challenges of each project.

Represented in the US by A.C.T Lighting, grandMA video is a powerful media server software tool that follows the demands of lighting designers and programmers to bridge the lighting and video worlds. Direct access to media servers from the grandMA console is as simple as accessing a fixture. grandMA video is a fully integrated part of the grandMA network system and not just triggered via DMX. With this approach MA once again sets new standards. To meet this high standard and to follow the market demands MA features its customers also powerful tools like the v-Base, the EvenLED and the Schnick-Schnack LED-Panel.