Paul Dexter began concert lighting in Los Angeles when he was sixteen (1970) and made 42 Hawaiian pineapple cans into lights and operated them with crude double pole switches. At 18, he was asked to tour with Elvis! A colorful history of worldwide concert touring ensued as a lighting designer with the likes of Rick James, Motley Crue, DIO, Ozzy, Elton John and performing in the opposite end of the live stage spectrum - the Bolshoi Ballet at London's Royal Albert Hall.

Dexter was lighting designer/director for live concert scenes in the movie "Rock Star" (2001). He designed lighting with renowned artist Hiro Yamagata for the amazing and lauded $3M art installation in New York City and soon after in 2004, co-founded "Road Cases" film project for touring professionals and became Executive Producer for the short films created for RAVE HD. Paul continues to travel world wide as lighting designer and stage set designer for REO Speedwagon and recently was the lighting director for a 10-camera live concert film that will air on Cable One.

He has authored over 80 columns for several industry publications, and co-authored the book, “Concert Lighting, Third Edition”, co-authored with Dr. James Moody (released in September 2009 on Focal Press).

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