Jim Lenahan received an honors degree in Theatrical Scenic Design from the University of Florida in 1973 and then did production at Walt Disney World until Tom Petty invited him to California where he has designed lights, scenery, and video for every Petty tour since then in the US and in 27 other countries. He has also designed scenery and/or lighting and video for Bob Dylan, John Mayer, Sarah McLachlan, Jane’s Addiction, Jennifer Lopez, Avril Lavigne, Lady Antebellum, Korn, John Legend, Santana, X Japan, The Backstreet Boys, Trisha Yearwood, Boz Scaggs, David Lee Roth, Third Eye Blind, Barenaked Ladies, Toby Keith, Jackson Browne, and Barry Manilow, among others. He has also lectured on production design at UCLA, USC, The University of Florida, and North Carolina School of the Arts. As a consultant at Walt Disney Imagineering, he designed lighting for the Disney Fest Asia tour, special effects lighting for Disney’s Aida on Broadway, and video projection for the renovation of Space Mountain. Lenahan has also designed and/or directed many music videos and ran a scene shop where supervised construction of scenery for more than 30 Equity theatre productions.

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