Jules Fisher, creative consultant for the the Broadway Lighting Master Classes, has announced the schedule for the classes to be held on May 15 to 17 at Skirball Center for the Performing Arts at NYU.

Tuesday, May 15:

8:00-9:00am Registration and Breakfast in lobby

9:00-11:00am Jules Fisher: An Approach to Lighting The Stage

11:00-11:15am Break

11:15-12:30pm Jules Conclusion

12:30-2:00pm Lunch / Manufacturers’ Showcase

2:00-3:30pm Beverly Emmons / Clifton Taylor: Thinking About Color

3:30-3:45pm Break

3:45-5:15 Howell Binkley: Lighting Designer of Lovemusik

7:00-8:30pm Cocktail Reception

8:30-9:45pm Live Design Honors

Wednesday, May 16:

8:30-9:00am Breakfast in lobby

9:00-10:30am Peggy Eisenhauer: Cueing The Musical–Sculpting Time and Rhythm

10:30-10:45am Break

10:45am-12:15pm Christopher Akerlind: Lighting Designer of 110 in the Shade and Talk Radio

12:15-3:30pm Lunch / Manufacturers’ Showcase and Presentations

3:30-5:15pm Brian MacDevitt: Visual Arts as an Inspiration for Lighting Design

8:00pm Broadway Show – Spring Awakening

Thursday, May 17:

8:30-9:00am Breakfast in lobby

9:00-10:45am Peggy Eisenhauer: Emoting and Motion: Communicating With Movement

10:45-11:00am Break

11:00-12:30pm Kevin Adams: Discussing the design of Spring Awakening

12:30-2:00pm Lunch / Manufacturers’ Showcase

2:00-3:30pm Vivien Leone: Communication Through Paperwork

3:30-3:45pm Break

3:45-5:15pm Wendall Harrington: Projection and the Lighting Designer

Over the years, the BLMC has proved to be one of the best seminars of its kind, drawing a large international audience, many of whom return year after year. There will also be a special Projection Master Classes component to the BLMC this year, held on May 18, 2007.

The BLMC is produced by Live Design magazine at NYU's Skirball Center for the Performing Arts.

Links: livedesignonline.com/broadwaymasterclasses/lighting/