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Alcorn McBride’s WEBster adds Ethernet connectivity to all its products, enabling remote control, monitoring, and programming from virtually any internet-ready computer in the world. In addition to Alcorn McBride equipment, it is compatible with virtually all serial devices including AMX, Crestron, and most other controllers. It can even be used directly with professional DVD or CD players. Web pages can be password-protected for secure access. Internet protocol capabilities such as SMTP and FTP allow it to automatically send e-mail or data. For example, a fault condition detected during a show could send a service request e-mail to maintenance personnel.
Alcorn McBride

Button Pusher
Artistic Licence announces the MIDI-Button, a compact wall panel with 12 push buttons. Onboard electronics provide a configurable MIDI output for remote control. The initial product release provides two MIDI patches designed for control of Artistic License’s No-Worries TC and Grand-Master Flash! When MIDI-Button is used with the DMX512 real time recorder No-Worries TC, the user can configure any combination of 12 macros to be assigned to the buttons. When MIDI-Button is used in conjunction with the PC-based lighting console Grand-Master Flash!, the 12 push buttons emulate the PC function keys. MIDI-Button provides a compact remote control solution that is designed for architectural and retail applications.
Artistic Licence Ltd.

We Don’t Need No Stinking Console
Elation introduces Compu Ware DMX lighting software, an affordable solution for those who want to turn their Windows PC into a DMX512 controller. Available in two versions, Compu Club and Compu Pro, the software allows users to program and control a show from a PC using DMX-compatible lighting fixtures, many of which are programmed into the software’s library. Users can add fixtures as new units are introduced. Both versions include a USB-to-DMX interface box with 512 DMX, which also has the ability to operate in stand-alone mode that can operate without a computer. For more than 512 channels, additional USB interfaces can be purchased.
Elation Professional