CAST Lighting Ltd., creator of WYSIWYG, has created the WYSIWYG Developers Program. It is designed to support the growing needs of the many lighting console manufacturers who are developing systems and software with and for WYSIWYG. CAST Lighting has initiated this expanded developer program to replace the current ad-hoc developer support with a coordinated package of documentation, test platforms, and e-mail/phone support.

Robert Bell, vice president of CAST Lighting Ltd., notes, "The primary intention of this program is to create a dialog between CAST and leading console manufacturers. Our objective is to develop a more useful electronic connection between WYSIWYG and other devices." WYSIWYG is a specialized lighting visualization program. According to Bell, the AutoFocus protocol was introduced with WYSIWYG V.2, and is currently implemented on a number of consoles. V.3 has been designed to be even more extendable, making room for new transports such as the ACN and allowing developers to create their own custom extensions to WYSIWYG.

CAST Lighting's current list of developers includes Avab Transtechnik, Compulite, ETC, Flying Pig Systems (Wholehog, Jands Hog, Jands Echelon), Rosco/ET, and Strand Lighting. Any console or theatrical device manufacturer that currently has products on the market and is interested in the WYSIWYG Developers Program should contact Robert Bell at CAST Lighting Ltd., 296 Richmond Street West, Suite 603, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5V 1X2; phone: 416/597-2278, e-mail: Complete information on WYSIWYG is available from the WYSIWYG website,