Eric L. Wade started at a lighting shop on a work program out of high school 21 years ago, and is now working with the top LDs in the field. “Working with the designers I now work with, I get an infinite amount of lighting knowledge. I work for Peter Morse about 80% of the time; Destiny's Child is his design, I came in to program it (along with Troy Eckerman), run it, and maintain it,” says Wade.

“I've designed shows, but for the past few years I've pretty much been like a programmer/associate for Peter, and, in the last year, for Steve Cohen. Right now I'm on standby for Steve on an 'NSync video, then back out with Destiny's Child in Europe for four weeks. I've had a busy year with Peter: We started out with Storm in Las Vegas, Reba McEntire for a couple weeks, the Bee Gees at Wango Tango, I squeezed in 'NSync for Steve Cohen, and then on to Destiny's Child. Working for Peter has been a really wonderful part of my career — I enjoy working with him and Steve more than anything else I do.”

For the Destiny's Child tour, “We're running two Wholehog IIs with two wings,” Wade says, “and we run two full operating backups. With all the acts on this long-running show, it made sense. The main lighting system (all High End) came from Light & Sound Design. We also have the awesome Syncrolite SX3Ks, and Vari*Lite® VL6Cs. For support, we have Robert Roth from LSD. This tour would have been a mess without him — anytime we needed anything it was there. With so many dates, five and six shows in a row throughout this tour, it was a bit of a scheduling nightmare, but with my crew and Robert Roth we pulled it all together. My crew is a crucial part of this show — these guys make it work. They do a superb job! All this along with the cutting-edge technology and innovative lighting design affords me the opportunity to LD this kick-ass show.”


Lighting Designer
Peter Morse

Lighting Director
Eric L. Wade

Lighting Suppliers
Light & Sound Design

Lighting Equipment

80 High End Systems Studio Colors
20 High End Systems Turbo Cyberlights
30 Vari*Lite VL6Cs
7 Syncrolite SX3Ks
5 Lycian short-throw truss spots
96 PAR-64s
12 5600K Molefays
8 Reel EFX DF-50 hazers
4 Flying Pig Systems Wholehog IIs with 2 expansion wings