Le Maitre Special Effects Radiance Haze Machine

The Radiance is a water-based haze machine with built-in DMX that controls both the output and the internal fan. It can also be operated by an optional remote or by utilizing the onboard variable settings. Additional features include an IDC removable power cable, multi-use bracket, and four-port rapid clean vaporizer. Various sizes of Le Maitre fluid containers fit with the unit, which uses Neutron Haze Fluid, offering low consumption and long hang time. Cleaning takes less than 15 minutes.
Le Maitre Special Effects
Port Huron, MI
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SGM Synthesis

Synthesis is a new line of moving head fixtures designed and built by SGM. Features include two interchangeable 700W lamps for color temperatures of 7200°K and 5600°K with automatic hot restrike, CMY color mixing, a precise linear dimmer, automatic electronic pan/tilt unlocking, and silent operation. According to SGM, Synthesis is the first moving head fixture fitted with wireless DMX as standard. It uses technology based on the ideas of GSM, but operating in the license-free band 2.45GHz and with a radius of over 1,640' (500m). It has been tested in environments with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPRS-UMTS signals. Other features include a customizable color wheel with six colors plus white; an interchangeable animation wheel that can be rotated 360° on its axis and around the gobo; high efficiency dichroic reflector designed specifically for the lamp; heat filters with low visible light reduction; and optimized optics with special surface finish; an optimized cooling system for maximum silence, and an additional lens that can be enabled by a DMX command.
Tavullia, Italy
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BCi Wall Mount-1

The Wall Mount-1 Pocket Console DMX is designed for contractor and end-user ease, mounting to a standard four-gang wall-box. It is applicable wherever a wall-mounted, stand-alone, independently patchable DMX universe is desired. It can be merged with other DMX controls, if needed. Features include eight patchable faders, latching on/off buttons; programmable panic button; and a translucent, disappearing LED window for a hidden patch. Softkeys allow access to the patch mode with the proper keystroke sequence, while preventing unauthorized re-patches.
Driftwood, TX
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Jem AF-2 Fan

A more powerful version of the AF-1 Fan, the AF-2 projects smoke over long distances, converts smoke to haze, produces wind effects, and keeps equipment like amp and dimmer racks cool. Like its predecessor, the AF-2 features DMX as standard (both 3- and 5-pin) and can also be remote controlled with features such as auto timer, speed/output control and 8x mode, which expands the time capability of the standard timer settings by multiples of eight. It can be truss-mounted (the flying bracket is compatible with the Omega clamp system) or floor positioned. For floor positioning, an accessory touring frame is an option. The frame not only acts as extra protection, but also makes it easier to carry and move the fan around. Appropriate for stage applications, theatres, and theme parks, the fan can be used alone or as part of a complete fog system by linking with other Jem machines for simultaneous operation between fan and smoke. Features include a sealed fan motor designed to withstand high condensation levels and an airflow lens that ensures maximum directional throw. The fan casing is constructed from aluminum to make it easy for one person to carry.
Martin Professional
Sunrise, FL
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Xilver Xolar LT

The Xolar LT is a batten-shaped long-throw lighting fixture designed for touring and installations. It combines a revolutionary new design approach with a wide range of new applications. The Xolar LT has a total beam angle of 2°. It contains 16 segments either as individual, sectional, or a single unit, and is controlled via DMX and the Xilver serial interface. Each segment uses Xilver's patent-pending color-combining system. This system produces a homogeneous colored beam and can integrate external effect filters, lenses, and optional diffusers. The Xolar LT is calibrated to achieve a consistent and stable color output throughout changing temperatures. It features a total of 48 Luxeon high power Lumiled LED sources: 16 red Luxeon I, 16 green Luxeon III, and 16 blue Luxeon I, controlled in a 30-bit modified smooth resolution. The standard 2° optic (4° with beam homogenizing filter) creates a parallel light beam resulting in an intense homogeneous colored beam, easily capable of throwing 328' (100m). It is suited for cyclorama lighting or long-throw applications.
Gronsveld, The Netherlands
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Design Concepts AquaTruss Light

The AquaTruss Light is a standard box truss with the addition of a permanent or semi-permanent built-in light column. Available with Aquallusion motion or in a static frosted acrylic column with either an LED lighting or a halogen lighting option, the column features a choice of a standard black or white frame and can be designed with enhancements such as a wood base and/or a top with a painted or custom finish. The column substrate is EFX acrylic tubing with a custom optical lens. The unit is available in standard sizes from 6" to 8" in diameter and up to 10' tall (available cut to size), and it utilizes a UL-listed industrial fan blower with manual speed control and offers an optional wireless on/off module plus remote. The halogen lighting is available in a choice of red, blue, or green color gels, with additional colors available. Upgrades include a 12V multi-colored LED system with a manual onboard control containing 22 channels and 16 speeds. A wireless LED DMX receiver can also be added.
Design Concepts Manufacturing, Inc.
Orlando, Fl
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CITC StarHazer II

The StarHazer II has DMX onboard insulation for quiet operation, cycle/direct/ remote operation, double the output of the previous StarHazer, a seven-filter system, and a dual opening for two layers of output. DMX control from a light board uses one channel. The unit also has a 5-pin XLR in and send feature for setting up other units on the same DMX line. A 25' remote control is included, with buttons for either manual on and off operation or timed operation of 0 to 60 seconds on or 0 to 4 minutes off. It also comes with a control switch that allows for direct power. Additional features include double insulation, shock absorbing motor mounts, insulated baffles, a sound deadening intake filter, and filter covers on the intake fans. Due to an inside splitter, the haze coming out of the top half goes far, while the bottom spreads the haze wide. The back of the machine has extended panels that protect the connectors from damage.
Lynnwood, WA
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Main Light/High End Catalyst Software for Soft-LED

Main Light Industries is offering High End Systems Catalyst software as an option for the Soft-LED drapery. The company uses Catalyst Xpress as the media server as a standard solution, packaging it with Apple Mac minis and installing them into the video processor racks of independent Main Light server systems. Catalyst Pro is provided for more demanding applications.
Main Light Industries
Wilmington, DE
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High End Systems
Austin, TX
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MA Lighting grandMA 5.60

Software version 5.60 is available for free download for grandMA multimedia consoles. Additional tools such as grandMA 3D, grandMA onPC, and grandMA remote are included. grandMA video software can now be controlled with features like browsing, previewing bitmaps of video footage and pictures, as well as arranging the media server content directly on the console via MA-Net. The Channel Value organization within the Fixture Editor has been redesigned, and it will support channel values with 16-bit resolution for every fixture. The installation dimming system dimMA can be remotely configured from the lighting console via network. This includes the monitoring of dimmer feedback as well as error messages.
A.C.T Lighting
Agoura Hills, CA
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Livid Instruments Tactic m2

The Tactic m2 is the updated version of Livid's video instrument first introduced last year. This new streamlined model features a completely new Tactic Pro 1.5 software package. The hybrid hardware-software design allows it to run on almost any Mac computer. The hardware, which is an extension of the software's interface, features 10 sliders, six knobs, seven effects triggers, and a 36-movie clip bank for real-time video mixing at your fingertips. The new software allows up to four layers of effects per channel with new effects, modules, and tools. It also includes Livid Elements, a new form of plug-ins with Union VJ software. Elements allows third-party developers to further extend the functionality of Tactic Pro, and it can be used to make custom effects, interface controls, and media sources to integrate into the software.
Livid Instruments
New York, NY
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Martin Professional Maxxyz Software v1.5

Software version 1.5 for the Maxxyz allows the console to support an enhanced internal database structure and improved internal networking, which has eliminated lag in fixture selection. Boot-up speed has been enhanced as well. The fixture patch has been redesigned using a theatrical command line structure with a powerful syntax and a new user interface for easier navigation of the 32 DMX universes the console supports. The patch also allows cloning of fixtures into cues, presets, and groups to simplify adding more fixtures to a show. Fixtures can now have individual names for fast selection in the console's fixture selection grid. A new FAN tool makes use of four digital encoder belts to stretch and skew fixtures along a curve for building aerial focuses and fanned color saturations, also allowing offsetting of the center of the fan curve. In Playback, rates can now be learned by using a tap sync function, any cue list can be set to non-tracking, and the cue list can be protected from accidental release. A new hibernate feature archives cue lists by removing them from the show but leaves them available for later use, much like a PC's recycle bin. There are now split timings for intensities, an enhanced timing resolution of 1/100 of a second (10X faster than before), new cue trigger syntax, and presets that store and reference timing values into cues. In addition, depending on user input into the command line, pop-up boxes appear to keep the interface clean of unused buttons. The boxes guide the user by showing more complex operations, with short explanations, as available options on the screen.
Martin Professional
Aarhus, Denmark
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American DJ Accu Spot 250 II

Accu Spot 250 II is an upgraded version of the Accu Spot 250 moving head. Remote DMX Addressing gives users the ability to change DMX values remotely. The fixture also has an improved four-button menu system that makes accessing and navigating the menu a clearer process. It now comes with two glass gobos instead of one (out of a total of seven gobos plus spot). Users have the option to run the unit in 8- or 9-channel DMX, with the added channel being an independent dimmer. This new feature, along with the addition of double blade shutter, allows for smooth 0-100% dimming. An Auto Repositioning function automatically restores the fixture to its original position. A new optional 19° beam angle lens (sold separately) is also available. With seven replaceable gobos plus spot (including the two glass gobos) and nine colors plus white, gobo and color wheels operate independently. The range of movement is 360° pan and 265° tilt, and it is equipped with auto X-Y repositioning and stepper motors. A smart sensor enables the units to automatically recognize if they are in DMX or Master/Slave mode. The unit comes with a high velocity cooling fan, so it can be operated all night with no duty cycle, and it has a new multi-voltage transformer: 100V/120V/230V/240V, 50/60Hz. Included is an MSD-250/2 bright 250W discharge lamp with an average 3,000-hour life. A complete system is also available, which includes four Accu Spot 250 II units, four XLR Cables, and one DMX Partner controller.
American DJ
Los Angeles, CA
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ShowCAD Artist 2005

Artist 2005 incorporates many advances over the original show control system, including video-to-DMX mapping, matrixing, and macro features that are useful for LED programming, and control of up to 32,000+ DMX channels. DMX In is also included, and MIDI, RS 232, digital, and analog input/output protocols are all employed. SMPTE and all types of timecode files from CD, DVD, AVI, MP3, and MGP files can be read and synchronized to cues and events. The system features setup wizards, automatic scene generation functions, multimedia interfacing, and WYSIWYG options. Additional features include macro programming for mirrors, yokes, and RGB parameters; live video capture to DMX; Ethernet-DMX; fixture specific templates for all DMX devices; and touchscreen user interface; remote internet control; remote radio and IR control; automatic fixture routines such as lamp on and reset; security schemes to customize system function access; and automatic archiving backup system. Trial software can be downloaded free of charge, as well as tutorials, a demo, and pricing information.
ShowCAD Control Systems Ltd.
Dorset, UK
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PRG Series 400 Power and Signal Distribution System

The patent-pending Series 400 system integrates power, DMX, and Ethernet data through a single custom-designed trunk cable. The data system includes Ethernet switches with the ability to route any DMX universe to any DMX output connector in the system, along with complete electrical isolation. As a result, lighting systems can better accommodate the growing need for data and use less cable. Technicians can reroute signals from user menus without making physical changes to the system. The system consists of a rolling rack unit that accepts 120V or 208V 12-channel breaker modules, 120V or 208V breakout boxes, and custom-designed trunk cables available in 25', 50', and 100' lengths. One rolling rack supports up to 72 fixtures and is available in three different power service models for use in the US/Canada, Japan, and Europe. No power is provided to the breakout boxes until all connections are made correctly. The system is user configurable to meet the particular needs of each show. The custom-designed trunk cables have connectors that are rugged, water resistant, and feature quarter-turn connections. Changing from a 120V to a 208V fixture is achieved by plugging in a different breakout box and inserting a different breaker module. Ethernet cable standards call for a maximum working length over copper of 300' (90m), but the Series 400 custom trunk cable extends the working length to 500' (150m).
North Bergen, NJ
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Elation Light CoPilot III

Light CoPilot III, an analog chase control system for controlling multiple sound-active effects, features Elation's 16-channel Light CoPilot II analog chase controller, with the addition of two four-channel LC-4SP power packs and two 25' connector cables. With the CoPilot, users can, for example, string four fixtures in two different areas of a club. The controller that comes with the system, the Light CoPilot II, is suitable for commanding lights in multiple zones. Its 16 channels are divided into four four-channel zones on the control panel (the system can be expanded to as many as four LS-4SP power packs). Each zone can be set separately in one of three operating modes: sound-active, standard, or timed chase. The controller comes with 16 built-in chase programs and a fog machine trigger button (compatible with specified American DJ fog machines). Other features of the controller include: a USB gooseneck light input, internal microphone or line input for music control, audio sensitivity knob, flash button override, and blackout. The LC-4SP power packs, proprietary to Light CoPilot controllers, utilize triacs rather than mechanical relays for faster, more reliable chase functions and a longer life. Each pack is equipped with 9-pin in/out connectors for daisy-chaining to other LC-4SP packs.
Elation Control Systems
Los Angeles, CA
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