Clay Paky

Alpha Range

The Alpha Range is a line of 575W moving head professional fixtures suitable for professional, architectural, and entertainment applications. Alpha Spot HPE features a completely new optical module with 10°-40° zoom; fully electronic focusing; CMY color mixing; seven position plus white color wheel; a linear CTO for gradual color temperature correction; two wheels of six indexable rotating gobos and a third fixed wheel of eight gobos that can be swapped out. Alpha Spot HPE also has a “fast clamping” graphic disc, allowing for the quick transition to other graphic effects discs. The graphic system includes two rotating, indexable and interchangeable prisms (two-facet and five-facet), three different frost levels, mechanical high-speed iris, a shutter/strobe, and a newly designed 0-100% dimmer on its own dedicated channel. Additional fixtures in the new line include the Alpha Spot and Alpha Wash.
Clay Paky America, Inc.
Valencia, CA
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Martin Professional

Maxedia Digital Media Composer

Maxedia is a media server capable of handling digital media including images, video, 3D graphics, etc., output as a video signal to video/plasma screens or any type of video image projector. With a stocked media library for access to special effects, Maxedia incorporates 3D effects and mapping (bitmap or video), real-time layer manipulation, and various playback and real-time transition effects. The system includes integrated DMX control, providing full control of both lighting and video elements. It runs up to a maximum of 20 layers simultaneously, depending on the type of layer, and offers 3D effects with many real-time manipulation features. Programming is done on the system itself, as opposed to using DMX alone, and playback is then completed via DMX. However, programming and playback can be done without the use of a DMX lighting console. No more than 25 DMX channels are used.
Martin Professional
Aarhus, Denmark
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OBY 600

The OBY 600 moving head wash is the newest addition to Geni's OBY line. Designed for both theatrical and nightclub settings, it is also appropriate for touring. It features 10°-30° zoom, beam shaping, CMY color mixing, a six-dichroic color wheel, color macros, CTO and CTB, DMX control on 13 to 15 channels, shutter, pan up to 570°, and tilt up to 270°. The fixture uses a 575W discharge lamp.
Orlando, FL
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Chauvet Lighting

CA-8F Easy Foot Controller

The new CA-8F Easy Foot controller provides hands-free DMX-512 lighting control via three (stand by, function, mode) pedals. CA-8F is designed for all lights that work with Chauvet CA-8 or CA-6 Easy controllers including the Legend moving yokes and scanners, Trackscan, Intimidator and Insignia. It features a 5-pin output to a 1/4-inch jack and includes a cable.
Chauvet Lighting
Hollywood, FL
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Selecon Lighting

Pacific Zoom

The latest addition to Selecon's range of ellipsoidals, the 45-75 Pacific Zoom allows angles from 45° to 75° for area illumination or pattern projection. From a throw of 13', it delivers a beam adjustable from 11' to 20' in diameter, allowing full body shots from close in side-stage positions or for texturing a complete set using only a few fixtures. The Pacific 45-75 lens tube can be used with any Pacific light source, including mains voltage tungsten halogen (575W, 750W, 1000W), 575W MSR, and 70/150W CDM.
Selecon Lighting
Forest Hill, MD
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Concave LEDs

Concave Cylindrical 5mm (T1-3/4) Discrete LEDs emit light that is as bright at the edges as it is in the center, improving the quality of the beam by spreading out the collimated beam of light that LEDs typically emit. These high-intensity LEDs produce visible illumination in direct sunlight and are available in six sunlight-visible colors: Green (525nm and 568nm), Cool White (8000K), Blue (461nm), Yellow (596nm and 585nm), Red (655nm, 660nm and 630nm), and Orange (606nm).
LEDtronics, Inc.
Torrance, CA
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JM Electronics

Color Maker DC-54

The new Color Maker series features digital wireless LED products. The DC-54 fixture is compatible with all Color Maker series transmitters. It is addressable to one of 127 addresses and uses 162 LEDs to allow 16 million colors. The fixture can be powered by a 12V battery or AC wall adapter, operating at 100% for up to 10 hours and is available in 15° or 70° beam angle.
JM Electronics Inc.
Altamonte, FL
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Wireless Solution

Swelite W-DMX

Swelite W-DMX is a wireless DMX solution that operates via radio frequency, offering plug-and-play, interference-free communication in the 2.45 GHz bandwidth. The product uses PCB transceivers for two-way communication and is DMX-512A- and RDM-compatible. The system performs wireless software updates, manages control settings such as encryption level, and searches for new receivers automatically. Control of up to 8,192 receivers from one transmitter is possible. The receivers are available in three models: standard, deluxe, and deluxe outdoor. The standard receiver is applicable to event lighting and one-time gigs. The deluxe version has a built-in UPS that covers power loss for up to eight hours and an automatic battery charger, if needed.

The deluxe outdoor version includes IP54 class and IP65, on request. Four standard transmitters are available: one universe (512 channels), four universes (2,048 channels), eight universes (4,096 channels) and sixteen universes (8,192 channels). Also available is the Blackbox unit, a plug and play unit with no settings and with auto configuration for one universe with 512 channels.
Wireless Solution
Uddevalla, Sweden
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Colour Block DB4 LED Fixture

The Colour Block is a modular block of four DMX-controlled, high output color mixing LED lights, which can be easily configured in stacks or rows to make battens, blinders, or any combination. The high-powered Colour Block features a user interface offering hue, saturation, and intensity control of each fixture, plus a fully variable effects engine. Chroma-Q is exclusively distributed around the world by AC Lighting.
AC Lighting Inc.
Toronto, Canada
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NON-lighting product pick of the month:



Motorola, Inc. has introduced the Motorola A780, offering EDGE technology coupled with Java + Linux. The A780 includes mobile office connectivity and multi-media features, combining a mobile phone with the capabilities of personal digital assistant (PDA), digital camera, video player, and MP3 player packaged in one device with a 240×320 color touchscreen and quad-band technology. EDGE technology offers increased network speed (up to three times faster than wired dial-up). It also features Bluetooth® wireless technology to allow for virtually instant wire-free connection between devices and the MOTOSYNC over-the-air synchronization solution for coordination of corporate email, calendar, and contacts. Viewing PDF attachments, as well as Microsoft® Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, is possible via an integrated document viewer. Surfing the Web is done on a full-html browser, and a built-in speakerphone and speaker independent voice dial are also part of the package. Additional must-have features include a built-in 1.3 mega pixel camera, video recording and playback, integrated MP3 player with enhanced sound, and up to 48MB of removable TransFlash memory, as well as multi-media messaging service (MMS) for sharing video, animation, photos, and music. The A780 is expected to be available in Q4 2004.

Why You Gotta Have It: This is a great all-in-one option for the mobile lighting professional. The ability to view PDF documents is great for instant access to product manuals. With a 1.3 mega pixel camera onboard, doing site surveys and taking higher resolution shots of your finished projects with your mobile phone is a reality. You might even want to take video of that crucial rehearsal to show your client.
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High End Systems

Catalyst Pro v3.2 Media Server

The upgraded Catalyst Pro v3.2 now offers six layers of digital media for real-time rendering, with full effects capabilities on each layer. New digital media libraries have also been added. Catalyst Pro now features SDI video input for real-time video capturing and is shipping with SCSI drives. Other features include: a road-cased unit with Apple® Power Mac G5; 15” LCD monitor; DV1 dual video distribution amplifier; Interface Box; multiple media libraries, including Artbeats, Feedback Video, and A Luna Blue; two independent video signals that can be configured as one output with preview or two outputs to separate devices; cross-fading between all six layers; rotation of images on x, y, and z axes; ability to overlay still images or movies; over 50 real-time color effects; over 30 real-time geometric effects; keystone correction on vertical and horizontal planes; RS232 serial control of playback devices and video switchers; aspect ratio adjustments; color mixing; frame-accurate playback between multiple layers and media servers; audio trigger for Spectrograph (wave form generator); DMX and Midi input (optional equipment required); RS422 control (Sony 9-pin protocol); and graphical user interface.
High End Systems
Austin, TX
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Elation Professional

Compu Ware 04 DMX Software

Elation Professional has upgraded Compu Ware lighting software to Compu Ware 04, for use on PC for lighting programming and control as well as integration of sound and video. The software works with DMX-compatible fixtures from most manufacturers, with an extensive library pre-programmed. Two versions are available: deluxe Compu Pro 04, for those requiring MIDI, SMPTE Time Code, Timer Date, and Easy Show; and Compu Club 04, for those who want to use the software by itself. Other upgrades include an improved 3D rendering screen with the option of full-color 3D show previewing; viewing of multiple windows at once; Easy Step, which facilitates the creation of chases. Up to 512 DMX channels can be run per USB interface; to run more than 512 channels, an additional USB box must be used.
Elation Professional
Los Angeles, CA
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American DJ

Flash Duo VS and Roto Balls VS

American DJ has introduced upgraded versions of two fixtures, the Flash Duo VS and Roto Balls VS, which are equipped with variable speed knobs to control their rates of rotation. Part of the StarTec Series of non-commercial fixtures, the fixtures are designed for parties, bands, and mobile DJs. In addition to variable speed technology, the fixtures feature switches that change the direction of rotation from clockwise to counterclockwise. Both units can be operated remotely-from the mixing board, stage, or the next room over. The Flash Duo VS features dual heads that rotate to produce 104 bright white beams that flash to create a strobe-like shower of light. An additional variable speed knob is provided to control the strobe rate on this particular unit. The Roto Balls VS, on the other hand, is a multi-color effect. It uses two spinning, multi-colored balls to create 104 rich, saturated, razor-sharp beams of light. Perfect for mobile DJs on the go, as well as home party hosts, both effects are compact, lightweight, and incredibly easy to use. The Flash Duo VS two 45W, 120V ZB-45 lamps, and the Roto Balls VS uses two 200W, 120V LL-200 lamps.
American DJ
Los Angeles, CA
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Lighting Control Software

The latest version (1.0.2) of PC-based LightFactory has been released for download. Key features include up to 10 DMX universes (5120 channels); up to 2000 lighting fixtures; output to industry standard USB or Ethernet devices; unlimited cue lists, each able to hold millions of cues; multiple effects engines; built in scheduler, macros, palettes, and fixture library; audio, MIDI, and Timecode triggering; up to 1000 external submasters using any existing DMX desk; WYSIWYG support.
LightFactory Software
Auckland, New Zealand
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