FogScreen, Inc. — Interactive FogScreen

FogScreen Inc. released its new interactive fog screen, the world's first airborne interactive touchscreen developed from FogScreen's airborne projection screen. When you write or draw upon the interactive fog screen, the writing or designs continuously float in the air. Interactive, airborne projection screens will find many uses within the entertainment industry. Because fog screens are unbreakable, they are especially useful in applications intended for the public. The FogScreen airborne projection screen was developed at Finland's Tampere University of Technology. The screen is based on new technology that makes it feasible to create a flat and thin layer of fog that can be used for simultaneous high-quality image projection and walk-through. The fog screen, made exclusively from ordinary water, feels dry and cool to the touch and can be used for extended periods of time. The technology has international patents pending.
FogScreen Inc.
Seinöjoki, Finland
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Robe Show Lighting — ColorSpot 575 AT

Robe's new ColorSpot 575 AT brings the features and design of the ColorSpot 1200 AT into a smaller fixture for those applications where space is a premium. Target applications include installations of all types: clubs, live and multi-purpose venues, theatres and retail environments, concert tours and events, etc. The ColorSpot 575 AT includes two separate gobo wheels and two separate color wheels (9 dichroic filters plus open, and 8 replaceable dichroics plus open), all with Robe's “Slot & Lock” system; a remotely adjustable, motorized multi-step zoom with three different apertures of 15, 18, and 22 degrees; motorized iris; 3-facet prism that rotates in both directions at different speeds; separate and variable frost effects; remote focus and many more. A new optical system and a new dichroic glass reflector optimizes light output. New software enables smooth rotations of gobos and prism, and users can select 8- or 16-bit resolution for gobo indexing, prism indexing, and dimmer. Other advantages, such as smoother pan and tilt movements and enhanced noise reduction, are also due to mechanical and software improvements. The light source is a compact high-pressure metal halide lamp with GX-9.5 base — approved model is the Philips MSR 575W/2, and it has automatic control and remote on/off.
Robe Show Lighting
Roznov pod Radhostem, Czech Republic
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Doug Fleenor Design — DMX96OC

The DMX96OC decodes 96 consecutive DMX512 channels to open-collector NPN outputs. Each of the outputs is capable of sinking up to 100mA (or more based on duty cycle). This is ideal for driving solenoids, relays, or LEDs for fountains or special effects. An “output common” terminal block is provided for high current loads. The DMX512 input is optically isolated from the outputs and is protected against mis-wiring up to 120V.
Doug Fleenor Design, Inc.
Arroyo Grande, CA
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MBT Lighting & Sound — Robo Ranger

The Robo Ranger, IH8000-1 is an intelligent moving-head light fixture using standard DMX512 addressing. Five channels of control include Color wheel (11 colors and white), Gobo wheel (15 patterns), Pan (540° in 3 seconds), Tilt (270° in 1.8 seconds) and strobing/shutter. Fast and precise movement of the sleek design head is achieved with the use of high-quality, smooth micro-stepper motors. The Robo Ranger includes a bright 24V/250W lamp and features an adjustable focus lens. The Robo Ranger can be used with most standard DMX512 controllers. In addition, each unit is preprogrammed to be used either solo or in a master/slave configuration where no controller is needed. Built-in sound-active patterns create movement, color, and gobo changes to the beat of music. The optional MBT Easy Controller CA6 provides basic control in master/slave mode. The optional MBT Intelligent Controller CA1612 gives the user full programming and manual operating capability. The Robo Ranger moving-head light offers professional features in a compact, attractive full-color P.O.P. package with a one-year limited warranty.
MBT Lighting & Sound
Charleston, SC
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City Theatrical — WDS Personal Dimmer

City Theatrical has added a new product to its award-winning WDS Wireless Dimming System: the WDS Personal Dimmer. This tiny (3 1/4" × 4 1/4" × 7/8" deep), wearable device combines a wireless DMX receiver with a 5-ampere battery-operated dimmer allowing costumes, scenery, and props to be electrified and controlled by any DMX lighting console. For the first time, designers will be able to incorporate complex electrical effects into stage elements and integrate them into the overall stage lighting by using wireless control and battery operated dimming. The WDS Personal Dimmer is compatible with the entire WDS range of wireless transmitters, receivers, and dimmers.
City Theatrical, Inc.
Bronx, New York
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Interactive Technologies — Bluetooth® Wireless Capability For Figment DMX and Sidewinder DMX Products

Interactive Technologies, Inc., manufacturer of professional entertainment and architectural lighting controls, has released Figment DMX version 5.1, which adds next-generation Bluetooth® wireless connectivity features to the award-winning Figment DMX lighting console software package for Palm OS compatible PDAs. Also new is a Sidewinder Bluetooth Module that easily adds Bluetooth wireless functionality to the Sidewinder family of DMX interfaces. With Figment 5.1 running on a Bluetooth-enabled PDA, users can use Figment to focus fixtures, tech moving lights, run show files, perform diagnostics, view console channel levels, and more by wirelessly connecting to a Sidewinder DMX interface that has been outfitted with a Sidewinder Bluetooth Module. Bluetooth is a new 2.4GHz wireless technology enabling users of handheld devices such as PDAs, laptops, and cellular phones to easily connect to each other for file transfers, phone book lookups, wireless audio, and more. Adding a Bluetooth Module to the Sidewinder DMX interface allows a PDA running Figment DMX with built-in Bluetooth communications to wirelessly connect to the DMX interface at distances up to 200' without additional attachments to the handheld PDA. Figment DMX version 5.1 is available now for free download from
Interactive Technologies
Apopka, FL
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High End Systems — Wholehog III Software v1.3.6

High End Systems released the latest version of software for the Flying Pig Systems Wholehog® III lighting console. Software version 1.3.6 adds autofocus compatibility with Cast Lighting's WYSIWYG Perform R8 visualization software via Ethernet. In addition, this release improves the functionality of many existing features and enhances the overall performance and reliability of the system. Software version 1.3.6 is now available for download at
High End Systems
Austin, TX
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Katie Group, Inc. — Geena Series of Downlight

KATIE Group, Inc. introduces the Geena Series downlight, the latest innovation from Renaissance Lighting, LLC and its patented Constructive Occlusion Optical System. The unit produces selectable white light from standard red, blue, and green LEDs. The white light is user selectable and changeable from 2,700 to 6,000K. The unit can also be dimmed. In addition, the Geena Series downlight is manufactured with “sleeper” LEDs that only turn on as the output of the initial LEDs begins to deteriorate. The Geena starts out as a 36W unit, but by the end of the projected 100,000-hour useful life, the power consumption would have increased to 48W.
Katie Group, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA
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Apollo Design Technology, Inc. — Smart Color Color Changers

Apollo Design Technology, Inc., manufacturer and distributor of custom gobos and other lighting effects products and accessories, introduces the Smart Color line of color changers. One operational feature that sets the single channel Smart Color apart is the continuous, bi-directional scroll mode that doesn't require a lighting console. To save the user time and money, Apollo ships these scrollers with a pre-installed mounting plate and gel shield and pre-loads the gel string. Based on recommendations from experienced scroller users, Smart Colors are made from lightweight aluminum and utilize precision motor bearings for quiet operation and available with 5.25", 7.25", and 10" apertures that maximize light output. A universal mounting plate that adjusts between 5 3/4"-10" to fit all ellipsoidal and many wash fixtures is also available for the Smart Color 7.25.
Apollo Design Technology, Inc
Fort Wayne, IN
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Soft LED Backdrops

I. Weiss introduces Soft-LED Backdrops, a product manufactured and developed by Mainlight Industries and powered by Color Kinetics' technology. SOFT LED is a combination of tri-color LED-technology and high quality black fabric drop. It allows an infinite number of shapes, patterns, colors, and complicated light shows in one backdrop. Soft-LED backdrops are lightweight and flexible, fabricated much like fiber optic curtains, except the face fabric used is inherently flame retardant and virtually wrinkle-free. Each standard drop has a removable liner and can be hung vertically or horizontally. The face fabric is made from 22-oz IFR Black Encore; removable liner is IFR Black Avora; and there are hidden ties on all four sides. Each backdrop contains a grid of LED-nodes interlaced with thin, flexible wire cable. A quarter-sized washer, affixed to the back of the face fabric, contains each node. From the front, the visible part of the node is smaller than a dime. The nodes, comparable to pixels in image quality, contain a red, green, and blue diode, each individually controllable for an almost unlimited color palette. The tighter the spacing of the nodes, the higher the resolution of the image, the closer the viewer can get to the drop without the image “separating.” All drops are designed to maintain node alignment when multiple panels are hung side-by-side, preventing skewed images. The backdrop can be used with a standard fiber optic star spread for added depth and effect or dual purposes. Illuminators and hardware components are required.
I. Weiss & Sons, Inc.
Long Island City, NY
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