High End Systems — Catalyst DV v1.0 Media Server

With the introduction of Catalyst DV v1.0 Media Server and Software, High End Systems Inc. now offers two scalable Catalyst Media Server solutions for any size project and budget. High End Systems is now segmenting their Media Server products into Catalyst Pro and Catalyst DV offerings. The Catalyst DV v1.0 offers three cross-fadable video layers and one output. With RS232 and RS422 serial control capabilities, it allows control of a multitude of video switchers and playback devices. Catalyst DV v1.0 Media Server gives the user the ability to apply more than 80 visual and color effects to digital media. It can be used with the HES DL1 Digital Light fixture or any other video output device. Instant access to more than 64,000 file locations means there's no waiting for forwarding or rewinding to content. Loading content onto a Catalyst Media Server is as easy as “dragging and dropping” the file into the library system. DMX control of digital media and video allows the user to tie lighting and video cues to one control desk for unified control of lighting and video.
High End Systems
Austin, TX
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Great Performance Products — Sapphire HTI Followspot

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Great Performance Products introduces “OFFBroadway,” a skillfully designed line of theatrical lighting products (followspots, dimmers, stands, and c-clamps) engineered specifically for intimate theatre venues such as churches, schools, nightclubs, community and dinner theatres, and other live productions. The newest addition to the line of followspots is the Sapphire, with an HTI 400W metal arc high-intensity lamp achieving a throw of 200'; 240 footcandles at 100'. Power draw is approximately 6 amps at 120V. It features an internal regulated power supply, six color plus black out self-canceling gel frame changer, top-mounted iris and dowser controls, and side-mounted locking zoom levers for front and rear lens focusing. A series of fans provides a quiet and efficient cooling system. Arc lamp and heavy duty, folding, three-legged stand included.
Great Performance Products
Winnipeg, Canada
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American DJ — DJ Spot 250

American DJ has introduced the DJ Spot 250, a 250W DMX halogen moving head effect. Designed for mobile DJs and smaller clubs, the DJ Spot 250 is an economical fixture, substituting a (still very bright) halogen lamp for pricier discharge lamps used in larger venues. The halogen lamp packs enough power to light up a neighborhood club, bar, or dance floor. The DJ Spot 250 will blast out 3D-like effects to every area of a room. The DJ Spot 250 comes with 10 gobo patterns (plus spot). It can produce seven brilliant, jewel-like colors, plus white. Its white images are clean and crisp, thanks to a white color correction filter. The DJ Spot 250 also features a gobo shake effect and the ability to strobe in every color. Six DMX channels allow operation as an intelligent effect with any standard DMX-512 controller. The DJ Spot 250 can also be operated in stand-alone mode as a sound-activated effect. It comes equipped with a high-velocity cooling fan for continuous use.
American DJ
Los Angeles, CA
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Interactive Technologies — CueTouch Studio

Interactive Technologies, Inc., manufacturer of professional entertainment and architectural lighting controls, has released CueTouch Studio, a new development environment for creating interactive touch screen applications for the CueTouch family of interactive LCD touch screen panels. Using familiar tools, complex touchscreen designs can be constructed by drawing shapes, pasting pictures, dragging and dropping buttons and faders directly into on-screen simulated CueTouch panels. CueTouch LCD panels are wall- or rack-mounted touchscreen stations designed for professional integrated lighting control. CueTouch panels can be used as stand-alone preset lighting controllers or as networked control stations for more complex architectural and entertainment systems. Multiple CueTouch panels can be networked together, each using advanced DMX-over-Ethernet protocols to communicate directly with dimmers and fixtures. The CueTouch Studio software is available for free download from www.cuetouch.com.
Interactive Technologies
Apopka, FL
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Light Stream Controls — DMX Operator Pro

Light Stream Controls (LSC) introduces a new hybrid lighting controller. The DMX Operator Pro is a 2-in-1 lighting control board that can function both as an intelligent lighting controller and for conventional dimming. Equipped with a total of 136 DMX channels, the DMX Operator Pro utilizes 128 channels for intelligent lighting control and eight for conventional dimming. The DMX Operator Pro was designed for small- to-mid-size theatres, concerts, churches, touring companies, or any stage production where both PAR cans and DMX special effects are used. It is also ideal for users of conventional lighting who are considering making the technological leap to intelligent DMX effects. It comes equipped with a compact memory flash card slot, so users can back-up and save programs onto a standard 32-mb flash card (not included). The DMX Operator Pro can also control fog effects. Other features include: an assignable joystick with manual “course/fine” pan/tilt adjustment; a step/mix sequence function that automatically sequences chases; and a fixture group function. There is also a tap sync feature and a blind function that will automatically override chases. As a DMX lighting controller, it can control eight individual fixtures with 16 DMX channels each and handle up to 96 programmable scenes and eight programmable chases with fade and speed control. When dimming PAR cans, the DMX Operator Pro can handle up to 96 programmable scenes and six programmable chases with fade and speed control.
Light Stream Controls
Los Angeles, CA
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Martin Architectural — Power Switch Pack: PSP-12

Martin introduces a convenient new tool for power distribution: an intelligent mobile switch pack useful wherever DMX power control of a complete installation is needed. The Martin PSP-12 gives users easy DMX control of interior and exterior light sources and many other devices. Completely DMX512 compliant, the PSP-12 is a smart, reliable, and time-saving way to control a power installation. Using high quality power relays, the PSP-12 will also reduce installation costs. Individual circuit breakers, one on each output, protect the installation against short circuits and overloads. The PSP-12 has a Bypass Safety Switch that allows manual control of all outputs, and the DMX address switch is selectable using the pole DIP switches. The DMX protocol gives individual control of all output channels. A high power output of 2300W (230V) on each channel makes it possible to connect nearly any device. Multiple devices can also be connected to the same output with the status of each output clearly indicated through the PSP-12's LED indicators. This industrial grade product will allow operation over many years, enabling upgrades to existing systems or install of cutting edge intelligent power installations. The PSP-12 is perfect for installation in shops, showrooms, shopping malls, venues, and offices.
Martin Architectural
Aarhus, Denmark
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Robe Show Lighting — ColorSpot 250 AT

The ColorSpot 250 AT builds on the ColorSpot 250 XT. ColorSpot 250 “Advanced Technology” is for applications requiring smaller and more discreet lights, such as TV studios, small- to medium-sized clubs, and various other installations including retail. Although small and light, Robe's high-efficiency optics, designed and manufactured in house, ensure the fixture is exceptionally bright for its size. The streamlined new shell design follows the same attractive aesthetics and style as the larger ColorSpot 1200 AT. ColorSpot 250 is packed with features, including a new rotating gobo wheel with seven replaceable “Slot & Lock” dichroic glass gobos and open and a new color wheel hosting 10 replaceable “Slot & Lock” colors plus open. The three-facet rotating prism is now also replaceable. Completely new software enables smooth rotations of both gobos and prisms, and either 8- or 16-bit resolution can be used for gobo and prism indexing, color precision, focusing, and dimmer functions. The improved cooling system ensures better operating conditions while simultaneously reducing noise.
Robe Show Lighting
Roznov pod Radhostem, Czech Republic
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BivarOpto — INFINITE 1 PAR LED Lamp

Featuring a new, all-in-one LED-based lighting alternative for incandescent spot and flood lamps used in architectural and interior accent lighting, BivarOpto, a division of Bivar, Inc., has introduced the INFINITE 1 PAR LED Lamp, offering energy savings of over 90% and virtually infinite life expectancy rated in years, not hours. The design includes an Edison-based housing assembly that is directly interchangeable with standard PAR38 style spots and floods. Thirty-nine Bivar Super-Flux MAKO LEDs are arranged in a grid-array pattern to project evenly distributed light equivalent to the output of a comparable incandescent spot or flood lamp. The series features a parabolic multi-optic lens that can be rotated 90°, enabling a single unit to provide both flood and spot output. A honeycomb-style, prismatic lens geometry is formed in a non-diffused, clear tinted polycarbonate, providing maximum light transmission and environmental sealing. These units offer an immediate, energy-saving solution and the capability to function as a spot or flood lamp. Available in standard colors (amber, red, yellow, green, blue, and white) and RGB, the lamp can be used for a variety of applications including architectural, interior design lighting, exterior lighting, and accent lighting. The INFINITE 1 Series features low energy-consumption operation of less than 35W at 110VAC. Light output is rated from 54 cd (White) to over 100 cd (Red/Yellow/Green/Blue). The unit is supplied with a removable snap-on shroud for use in spot applications in extreme daylight conditions. The 94V-O rated housing and shroud are ideal for operating in higher temperatures up to 150°F. The shroud enables the unit to function as its own lighting fixture, requiring only a standard based installation.
Bivar, Inc.
Irvine, CA
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MA Lighting Technology — grandMA Software 5.0

The new grandMA 5.0 console software is available for download on the MA Lighting website (www.malighting.de). Also available for download are the updates for grandMA offline, grandMA onPC, grandMA 3D, and grandMA remote. The grandMA console now supports control for up to 16,384 parameters, each with eight- or 16-bit resolution. In addition to the grandMA offline-editor, the new grandMA onPC software, for desktop PCs or notebooks, is optimized for fastest handling, direct access to all grandMA functions, and optimized for the use of touchscreen-based Tablet PCs. Any number of channels or fixtures may now be arranged on screen in the new matrix-style Layout View. With the new bitmap engine, any black and white or color bitmap file may now be imported into the grandMA and displayed as dimmer or color mixing values on a selected number of fixtures. The completely new organized backup menu now offers an FTP File Server as archive target option as well. For merging shows, the new Partial Show Read command has been introduced. The existing effects system has also been expanded by the Modulator Effects, based on single channel or fixture parameters. The Remote Software Update via the network for consoles has been improved by including all Network Signal Processors, as well.
MA Lighting Technology
Waldbuettelbrunn, Germany
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VectorWorks — Spotlight 11

Nemetschek North America has released VectorWorks Spotlight 11 which offers enhanced tools and technology that make production drafting more efficient and modeling easier. New page layout capabilities along with new and faster rendering modes enable users to better communicate their design intent. Advanced page layout features make it easy to compose drawing sheets that combine different views of a design at varying scales with text, annotations, and other graphical elements. Also new are artistic rendering modes that produce softer hand-sketched effects. New image-compression technology allows for faster file opening and saving, while taking up less hard drive space. Users will also find support for QuickTime® VR, AutoCAD® 2004, and ACIS® solids. Other improvements include new context-sensitive help, multi-circuit instrument tool, new ARRI and Mole-Richardson libraries, export dimmer and channel information, batch print, and more robust modeling.
Nemetschek North America
Columbia, MD
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