Le Maitre

Power Fog Industrial

Le Maitre's newest addition to its fog machine family, the Power Fog Industrial, was designed to meet the demands of theme parks and other similar types of installations. Utilizing a 1,400W heater block that incorporates Le Maitre's Rapid Change Technology (RCT), the machine is capable of continuously producing large volumes of fog. A two-channel DMX Interface is standard, and the unit is enclosed in a stainless steel shell.
Le Maitre Special Effects
Port Huron, MI
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Lex Products

Portable GFCI Protector

Lex Products introduces a portable GFCI protector for dimmable multi-circuit loads. Applications include stage, film, and touring environments, where six-circuit “multi-cables” are exposed to water or moisture. Providing GFCI protection to dimmable loads is a challenge because the electronics of the GFCI unit need 115VAC power in order to function. The multi-GFCI Protector solves this problem by feeding the GFCI units with a separate non-dimmed 115VAC circuit. It provides class A (4-6 milliamp trip) GFCI protection to six 20 amp 115VAC circuits. The unit has Lex LSC19 six-circuit input and output connectors for inline connection to a standard six-circuit multi-cable. It has a NEMA5-15 (household) input for the separate power circuit. The input and the six GFCI protected circuits have indicator lights. The units are UL and cUL (Canada) listed NEMA 3R weatherproof, use a Lex rubber enclosure for shock and weather resistance, and are compact and lightweight.
Lex Products
Stamford, CT
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Lumos MR16 LED

The Lumos MR16 is a direct replacement lamp for halogen MR16 sources. It brings the advantages of LED lighting — low running costs and power consumption; long lamp life (rated at over 70,000 hours) — and is virtually maintenance free. Advantages include low heat emission, a soft light quality, and uniform beam coverage without hot spots. It runs off the same transformers, cabling, etc. as a standard 50W halogen lamp. The lamp comes with aluminum reflector and lens and is available in red, yellow, blue, green, and white.
Chepstow, England
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IQ Series MC 4-Way Hoist Controller

Quantum Energy Devices LLC (QED) had launched the new iQ Series product line and its first product, the MC 4-Way Hoist Controller, designed for small motor rentals. The ETL-listed MC4-Way is a complete motor control and power distribution system, packaged in a Pelican case. The NEMA 1 enclosure is available in both 1- and 3-phase versions. The unit is built with over-rated components. Neatly loomed with high-temperature wire, all connections are clearly labeled. The self-contained system, with both control and distribution included, means that there are no external accessories. The unit includes a 100% rated main breaker, mechanically linked phase-reversing contactors, large toggle switches, bright neon indicators, and On, Off, and Phase Reverse switches. All QED products meet or surpass the required UL and NEC standards and are fully ETL listed to conform to either UL 1640 or UL 508a.
Quantum Energy Devices LLC (QED)
Long Island City, NY
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X-Line Ideas

SGM introduces the X-Line range of moving heads including four new fixtures — Idea Spots 250 and 575; and Idea Washes 250 and 575. Idea Spot 250 and Idea Spot 575 are fitted with a color wheel of eight colors, plus white, and dichroic filters. Idea Wash 250 and Idea Wash 575 offer a CMY color system with six colors, plus white, and two conversion filters. The Spots have a seven-gobo wheel (two dichro and five metal), all fully rotatable, indexable, and interchangeable. Each also has an independent rotating prism and motorized focus. The Wash models include beam shaper and frost. A built-in LED display for all models allows control of: DMX addresses, pan and tilt movements, motor calibration, fan speed control, lamp and fixture life, etc. A dedicated encoder guarantees automatic repositioning, and all fixtures can operate in automatic mode (either as master or slave units); three programs are stored in the internal memory and one is user programmable. Connections are via 3- or 5-pin XLR.
SGM Technology
Tavullia, Italy
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Space Cannon

Metamorphosis HL Duo

Space Cannon offers the Metamorphosis Duo fixture for indoor and outdoor lighting applications including shop windows, museums, galleries, exhibitions, fair booths, shopping centers, TV studios, theatres, etc. It is a high intensity LED with independent blue, red, and green LEDs for a full range of smooth and saturated colors (16.7 million additive RGB colors available). Metamorphosis Duo's light source is a Luxeon Emitter, rated at 100,000 hours and available in color temperatures of 3000°K or 6500°K. Optics include high precision collimator for light beam concentration, and upon request, optical symmetric and asymmetric collimators are available with an opening of 6° and 45°. Power is via a built-in electronic ballast. DMX512 input/output are included for operation with an external control desk. It also features an electronic dimmer and strobe.
Space Cannon Illumination Inc.
Alberta, Canada
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ENTTEC has released a community-based DMX USB interface. This device is a USB to DMX widget that can be used by any PC to generate DMX using the USB port. The project is composed of hardware and a software driver. ENTTEC has released full schematics of the hardware and full source code of the example application on the website under a general public license (GPL) license. The requirement for users is that they must give back to the community any improvement or change made to the project. This project allows anyone to download the information from the website and build their own interface. From there, they can write software based on the example. ENTTEC also offers very low cost pre-built hardware. Most users plan to write their own programs to “test lights” or “debug systems” using their laptops. There has also been significant interest from existing software developers to add support for the open DMX USB into their products.
Victoria, Australia
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Stage Research

Light Shop, SoftPlot, and SoftPlot 3D

Stage Research has released the newest versions of Light Shop, SoftPlot, and SoftPlot 3D. The programs, previously released by Crescit Software, are still developed through the Crescit team but are now under Stage Research leadership. SoftPlot and SoftPlot 3D are light design applications for creating light plots and managing paperwork. Light Shop 6.0 is a source for photometric information. Free upgrades of SoftPlot and SoftPlot 3D are available at the Stage Research website; upgrades to Light Shop version 6.0 have a nominal charge.
Stage Research
Northfield, OH
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Martin Professional

ShowDesigner (MSD)

The latest version of Martin Professional's ShowDesigner (MSD) lighting design simulation software package contains a new set of keyboard shortcuts and additional mouse functions. A number of fixes have also been implemented. Functionality has been added to the Modeller and Visualizer, including mouse wheel zoom in/out function; mouse full-view function; added/split camera move/swivel/pan operation; and a new “full view for all windows” button. A new MSD fixture library is also available with 135 new fixture profiles and 90 updated profiles. Additional details are at the Lighthouse website at www.lighthouse.nl.
Martin Professional
Aarhus, Denmark
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Emphasis Software

ETC has released the latest Version 1.8.0 software for the Emphasis. This release is part of the ETCNet2 Version 4 Suite, compatible with other Net2 products. Emphasis v1.8.0 includes includes Dynamic Effects, allowing quick creation of complex effects like ballyhoos, figure eights, color, and iris chases for moving lights, using a combination of fixture lists, dynamic templates and editable parameters. The Offline Editor (EOE) v.1.8.0 runs on a PC and does not require a WYSIWYG dongle. Those using WYSIWYG Report, Design, or Perform dongles will benefit from the increased visualization functionality. ETC has also improved the user interface, including Navigation shortcuts that now save Mode/Layout, Popup, Design Tool, and Toolbar positions. Show Mode has also been enhanced and made the default setting. Additional changes have been made to include Partial Show Read; Enhanced Fader Clearing; Submaster Fader Support; and EDMX Output Range Settings. This version also includes all libraries and features from WYSIWYG Release 8. Emphasis Manual Supplement v1.8.0 is now available.
Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc. (ETC)
Middleton, WI
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High End Systems

Digital Eye for DL1

High End Systems' DL1 digital light fixture now features an optional Sony camera accessory that forms the basis of its patented Digital Eye technology. This version of DL1 features an infrared illuminator on one side of the lens, with the Digital Eye on the other side. When the infrared illuminator is activated, the Digital Eye responds, operating in the dark without emitting visible light. It is outfitted with a serial interface that connects internally to a DL1, allowing DMX control. In practical terms, the Digital Eye “sees” through a dark environment. This allows lighting directors, stage managers, and other event professionals to view set changes or check positions in the dark; it can also be used to capture an image and project the infrared “night vision” image as an effect. It also functions as a video camera in professionally lit environments and can capture live action and project it through another DL1 projection/video wall as it happens.
High End Systems
Austin, TX
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Color Kinetics Incorporated introduces iColor® MR g2, an intelligent, color-changing lamp that uses high-power LEDs to generate saturated bursts of color from most standard MR16 fixtures and sockets. The lamp facilitates both new and retrofit installations and is suited to architectural, display, and retail environments where MR16 fixtures and track lighting are commonly used. Its standard MR16 bi-pin connectors and matte chrome finish make it adaptable to a variety of traditional lighting applications where LEDs may not have been previously used. iColor MR g2 is controllable via standard DMX controllers and supported by PDS-70mr, a new integrated power/data supply designed specifically for use with this lamp. PDS-70mr applies Color Kinetics' patented Smartjuice® technology to multiplex power and data over a 2-wire circuit. This IP66-rated device supports DMX or Ethernet controls, as well as pre-programmed effects. One PDS-70mr powers up to 14 iColor MR g2 lamps.
Color Kinetics
Boston, MA
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American DJ

Reflex 300 Dual Moonflower

The Reflex 300 dual moonflower effect uses two high-powered 150W lamps and twin scanning mirrors. An ultra-modern case joins together the two moonflowers of the Reflex 300. Two rotating mirrors — one on each side of the unit — project “twin” multi-dichroic color patterns over a wide area. The beams themselves rotate to the beat of the music. The Reflex 300 has no duty cycle and can run continuously all night due to a high-velocity fan. The unit includes a three-position FX switch for the option of either sound-active, static, or continuous rotation mode. The Reflex 300 comes with a built-in circuit breaker that eliminates the need for fuses. Plastic molded end covers help protect the exterior of the fixture.
American DJ
Los Angeles, CA
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ILS TECHNOLOGY Controller and Fixtures

Chauvet's ILS technology allows synchronization of different types of intelligent ILS fixtures via either a custom-built DMX-512 controller or in stand-alone mode. ILS (integrated lighting system) allows fixtures to be linked and work in synchronization, regardless of type, including ILS-equipped scanners, yokes, and color changers. All ILS intelligent fixtures can be synchronized in stand-alone mode or through a specially designed, user-friendly ILS-Con controller pre-programmed with 12 different and adjustable shows. The ILS-Con controller can also remotely set the DMX addresses of the luminaires. All units are also controllable via any universal DMX-512 controller. Conversely, the ILS-Con controller is a universal DMX-512 controller and can be used with non-ILS fixtures. New fixtures with ILS technology include the Trackscan 250 DSR-ILS Scanner and the Trackscan 250DBR-ILS Barrel, both seven channel fixtures with an MSD 250W discharge lamp, microstepping motors, 100% dimming capability, nine dichroic colors, split colors, seven rotating and replaceable gobos (four metal, two glass, one effect). Colortrack 250DCR-ILS is a five channel color changer with nine dichroic colors, plus open (and split colors capability), rotating and replaceable gobos, and 0-100% dimming. The gobo wheel can accept a total of seven gobos and comes with four (two glass, one metal, one effect), two color correction filters and one frost filter.
Chauvet Lighting
Hollywood, FL
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Universal Lighting Technologies

Triad® Electronic Ballast

The Triad® high efficiency, high output electronic ballast is designed for applications incorporating F32T8 lamps, including retrofits and replacements. It features high efficiency technology for maximum energy savings and is designed for low temperature starting (0F, -18C). With four-lamp parallel operation and instant start technology and a high ballast factor of 1.18, it offers maximum T8 light output for 277V applications.
Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc.
Nashville, TN
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