Elektric Eye

The Elektric Eye employs an MSD250/2 or HSD250 lamp and has a beam angle of 19°. It is DMX-controlled and can pan 630° and tilt 265° with 16-bit resolution. Features include a color wheel with eight colors, along with bi-colors and rainbow effect. The fixture also incorporates six rotating, indexable gobos for projections, a dimmer, and a strobe. The digital address and display allows for a variety of functions to be accessed easily, including lamp control (on/off), pan and tilt, reverse, lamp hours, and fixture hours. It can also be set to run without a controller by downloading cues into the onboard processor for automatic replay. Additionally, it can be placed in a master/slave configuration or controlled via a sound input. Mounting hardware, safety cable, and a 50' DMX cable are included.
Elektralite/Group One Ltd.
Farmingdale, NY
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Philips has developed double-ended lamps with “golden” lamp caps called MSR Gold. The new MSR lamps put pure colors on stage, based on pure white light. In addition, the latest HID lamp-filling technology creates a color consistency for the whole MSR range (double-ended as well as single-ended lamps). The double-ended lamps are equipped with gold-plated lamp caps, allowing higher cap temperatures (up to 400°C) and reducing lamp (holder) damage. The golden lamps also feature the patented Philips P3 pinch protection, allowing pinch temperatures up to 500°C. The MSR SA/DE Gold range is already available in 400W and 1200W, to be followed soon by the 700W.
Philips Lighting Company
Somerset, NJ
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RC4 Wireless Dimming

The new fourth generation Soundsculpture RC4 wireless dimmer system is now in full production. Configuring receivers is accomplished using the keypad, rotary control, and large LCD on the transmitter. Multiple DMX channel maps and receiver setups are stored in EEPROM. For most applications, the battery and four lamps are wired to a single 10-pin Amp connector, making it easy to swap units. When higher power is required, an auxiliary input connector is also provided. The HO (high-power) version of the RC4 receiver can deliver over 20A per channel, for a total output of 1000W. Each of the four outputs can be used separately or ganged together for large loads. It also provides an updated user interface and improved DMX functionality.
Soundsculpture Incorporated
Cheektowaga, NY
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The HOLO-WALLS Company


Holo-Floors is a holographic floor system that appears to have lights and lasers built in when illuminated with a light source. Incorporating dimensional holographic film, the floor comes in panels either 1/2" or 1" thick. Each panel joins together for use in nightclubs, retail, exhibits, architecture, theme parks, and entertainment centers. Using the latest in space-age plastics with an all-metal frame, the system can be integrated into any new or existing floor. The design includes an underside built with water-resistant Extira MDF panels and Holo-Sheen film laminated to the underside of a Lexan MR10 abrasion-resistant water clear acrylic sheet that won't crack, chip, or discolor. The framing system features an edge-locked, aluminum U-shaped, flush-mounted frame with a silicone seal and friction grooved 4"-wide aluminum retainer locks that keep the finished floor panels in place on properly prepared concrete, wood, or tile surfaces. Installation for a 20 sq. ft. floor takes less than a day.
Holo-Walls, LLC
Westlake Village, CA
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American DJ

Color 250D

Color 250D is a 250W DMX color changer designed for use by mobile DJs, small clubs, and working bands. The fixture has three DMX channels and total 0-100% dimming control. Capable of producing seven colors plus white, it can operate without a controller in sound active mode. In this scenario, built-in programs will automatically chase to the beat of the music. Multiple units can also be linked together and operated in sync using standard XLR cable. The fan-cooled fixture also includes a fully adjustable focusing lens, and it comes with a hanging bracket and one 24V LL-ELC lamp.
American DJ
Los Angeles, CA
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MagicQ 100

The MagicQ, with distributed client/server architecture, is suited to control media servers and all the associated control parameters through the eight separate encoder wheels. Full Cue Stack capability is on every playback fader. The distributed design will allow future systems to control an almost unlimited number of channels. MagicQ allows simultaneous control of lighting, video, LED, and lasers from one console.

ChamSys also offers a PC version of the MagicQ consoles, MagicQ PC. The software is free to download and has exactly the same functionality as the consoles. It is not limited to being an offline editor; it outputs six universes just like the MagicQ consoles. With standard Ethernet to DMX boxes/ DMX interface dongles, you have a complete PC-style lighting desk from your laptop. For extra control you can connect the MagicQ PC wing via USB. ChamSys expects to be in a position to support the new Advanced Control Network (ACN) protocol.
Southampton, UK
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UPgrades, etc.:

Martin Professional

ShowDesigner Gold and Silver Versions

Martin's ShowDesigner (MSD) lighting and set design software package now comes in two versions. An all-inclusive MSD Gold version contains new features such as Live Video inputs and Fast Net-Render, while a streamlined Silver version is customized for those who do not need the full package. The Gold version offers Live Video feed input for the 3D Visualizer, which allows live video signals to be incorporated into a visualization screen and used during programming. It also includes Fast Net-Render, which allows multiple computers to be linked to share the rendering process for large files, reducing the time required to produce rendered images. MSD Silver contains a selection of the design components of MSD Gold, and it is included with the Maxxyz lighting controller. For current MSD version 4.x users, the upgrade to MSD Gold is free from www.lighthouse.nl.
Martin Professional
Aarhus, Denmark
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Nexera Is UL-Approved

Wybron's new Nexera dichroic color changing fixtures are now shipping with the UL and C-UL mark. Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. has authorized all four versions of Nexera — Profile, Profile CDM, Wash, and Wash CDM — to ship with UL and/or C-UL labels.
Wybron, Inc.
Colorado Springs, CO
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