Syncrolite MX1000

The MX1000 is the first in a new line of compact automated searchlights. The unit weighs 38Kg and outputs 70,000 lumens from a 3mm point source. The patented mercury arc lamp is 5" long and 850W, which allows it to use a single phase switching power supply and keeps the weight down. It has 540° pan, 270° tilt, 0°-20° beam, Venetian blind douser, and dual scroller with programmable electronic strobe. The beam spread is collimated to 20°, and the douser speed — both fast and slow — matches the rest of the Syncrolite line. The electronic strobe is programmable at variable speeds. This unit will soon be joined by the MX2000, a Xenon version of the light employing a proprietary 2000W Xenon lamp with compact single phase ballast, programmable strobe, and 30% dimming.
Dallas, TX
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High End Systems Software-Only Catalyst Packages

Three new versions of software-only Catalyst packages are now available, with upgrade ability from one version to the next. Previous to software-only versions, Catalyst was packaged with a complete media server system, including an Apple® G5 computer and related accessories. Having software-only packages allows customers to locally purchase Apple computer equipment. Versions vary in number of output layers required, input/output devices to be supported, and performance requirements. Catalyst Pro software features eight layers, two video outputs, MIDI Show Control input, four serial control devices, three RS422 (Sony 9-pin protocol) serial control of external devices, time code input, presets, and sound output. Catalyst DV software features five layers, single outputs, four movie playback layers plus one non-movie playback layer that can be used for masking or images, two video inputs, MIDI Show Control input, three serial control devices, two RS422 (Sony 9-pin protocol) serial control of external devices, time code input, presets, and sound output. Catalyst Xpress software features three layers, two movie playback and one mask layer, single output, MIDI Show Control input, one video input, presets, and sound output. All packages ship with more than 1,000 media files optimized for lighting applications.
High End Systems
Ausin, TX
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Universal Lighting Technologies DaliPro

Universal Lighting Technologies introduces the DaliPro ballast. Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) is the new industry standard for digital communications between ballasts and control systems. DaliPro is a dimmable ballast designed specifically for use with DALI-compatible controls. These ballasts can be programmed to perform multiple commands on cue from the push of a button or by computer control. Commands include on, off, light level control, scene recall, and more. They can be controlled individually, in groups, by room, or by area. For single rooms or small suites, wall station devices — available from a number of control manufacturers — make initial programming and daily operation more convenient. For automated control systems, the ballasts can communicate lamp and ballast status back to a central network or computer. They are available for T5, T5HO, and T8 linear fluorescent lamps as well as 18W to 42W compact fluorescent and 40W twin-tube lamps. DaliPro offers continuous dimming capabilities for compact fluorescent lamps from 100% to 3%, and they can be dimmed to 1% brightness for linear fluorescents. Additional features include Programmed Rapid Start technology to maintain lamp life in frequent starting conditions and universal input voltage and simple plug-in wire connectors.
Universal Lighting Technologies
Nashville, TN
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Martin Professional Mania EF2

The Mania EF2 is the second flower effect in the Mania EF (effect) series. It can be used for a variety of effects: revolving dance floor design, wall or stage projection, mid-air effects, etc. Either sound-triggered or automatic, it houses eight gobos: four dichroic color patterns plus four colored textured glass gobos. Features include 19 beams of light, a manually selectable gobo wheel, and a variable focus that allows frost of any effect. It also features 800 hours of lamp life. No duty cycle means there are no cool down periods required. A hanging bracket is included and serves as a carrying handle. The effect is ETL, cETL, and CE approved.
Martin Professional
Aarhus, Denmark
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Chauvet COSMOS 2.0

Cosmos 2.0 is a rotating beam effect with two sets of interchangeable covers (domes or discs). It features 74 interchangeable colored lenses and 24 clear lenses and projects vertical, horizontal, and oblique rays. Two spheres rotate 360° around their own axes and around the axis of the base. Controllable features include flash/full on (controlled via a switch), flash speed, and rotation speed (controlled via a knob). These functions are also accessible via an optional CON-EF2 wired controller. Mounted using a single clamp, it has a total light output of 600W. Power is switchable (110 V/230V).
Chauvet Lighting
Hollywood, FL
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Elation Professional DP-640 Hybrid

The DP-640 combination dimmer and relay switch pack is a hybrid unit that's suited to the needs of users in the stage, touring, and rental markets. Equipped with six DMX channels, it offers traveling productions and theatres the ability to simultaneously dim effects via current regulator and switch them on and off as desired. Any of the channels can be configured to perform either function. The unit offers channel patching, which gives users the ability to assign any channel to any output. A digital LED display on the unit clearly shows all current functions such as patching and DMX channels. A manual override allows operation without a DMX controller. Features include 3- and 5-pin XLR input/output, dual Edison power cords, and handling of 2,400W total or 20A maximum draw.
Elation Professional
Los Angeles, CA
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Lighting Services, Inc. TPM111 Series

The TPM111 Series Spotlight has been designed specifically for the most recent addition to the Philips CDM family of lamps. The series allows for the same control and life that the 35W ceramic metal halide CDM-R111 lamp offers. This cast aluminum fixture integrates into interior spaces, such as museums, galleries, boutiques, retail, and themed environments. Related to the latest CDM lamp and electronic control gear technology, it extends the application of shielded, ceramic metal halide quality into areas previously dominated by halogen sources. Offering the potential of accessories such as hoods, barn doors, and gels, the unit also features an internal cartridge which accepts a range of architectural accessories, including color filters, spread lenses, light blocking screens, and louvers. The series is available in a choice of standard finishes including graphite, platinum, silver, black, and white and with a variety of mounting options.
Lighting Services Inc
Stony Point, NY
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OmniSistem Design 150

The Design 150 is a compact flood projector with silent color changing. The projector can be used in numerous environments including illuminating buildings, stages, and other artistic venues. It is IP65-rated and suitable for use in unfavorable weather conditions. The unit features full CYM color mixing for an unlimited range of colors, twin blade CYM color mixing for smooth color transitions, and a crossfade effect at various speeds. Operation is possible in stand-alone automatic mode or via standard DMX control. It can use either the CDM-SA/T 150W (6,000 hours) or the HSD150W bulb (2,000 hours).
Kent, WA
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i-Vision Lumos Sunstar

Lumos Sunstar is a DMX-controlled fixture aimed specifically at television, photographic, and film markets. The fitting offers the capability of dimming between tungsten and daylight whites at 3300K to 5500K. Time-phased DMX dimming is also an option for dusk/night filming. It utilizes the new Lumos Drive 36 technologies, developed for the single color and RGB Lumos range. This technology offers completely flicker-free, TV camera-friendly operation. Features include built-in driver system and seven-segment digital DMX readout, and in addition to full DMX control, it can be used in stand-alone master/slave mode, benefiting from up to 99 factory pre-programmed preset color temperatures. Lamp life expectancy is 60,000 hours. Available with barn doors and different optical configurations to suit most requirements.
Chepstow, South Wales
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Jem/Martin Professional Hydra Fog System

The Hydra fog system allows users to control multiple fog heads from one base unit. It offers control up to 16 fog heads from an easy-to-control base unit and eliminates precarious high-wire refills thanks to a ground-based fluid supply. All heads can be individually controlled, so users can trigger a single fog head or multiple heads at a time. Each 1.5kW fog head (1.2kW in the US) is capable of delivering anything from a high volume of dense white fog to a translucent canopy of haze. The base unit can hold either one or two 25l fluid containers and accepts a large variety of fluids for different effect options. The temperature of the fog heads is automatically adjusted to match the particular fluid. Each fog head can be placed up to 30m from the DMX-controlled base unit and 20m up in inaccessible areas such as in trussing, ceilings, or under floors, while the fluid supply and pump system is installed in a more convenient location. The system includes a number of safety features, including a leak detection system that automatically shuts off the system in the event of a fluid seepage. Reliability is enhanced by the inclusion of an electronic low fluid cut off system and overheating protection.
JEM/Martin Professional
Aarhus, Denmark
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icolaudie-Sunlite Color Manager

Color Manager is a new software tool that allows working with RGB or CMY fixtures as easily as with any drawing software program (pen, color picker, paint bucket, copy/paste), and it also uses wizards for handling images, video loading, and scrolling text. It has been designed to work with a matrix of LED devices as well as with conventional fixtures and has already been integrated in Easy Stand Alone.
Nicolaudie America Inc.
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UPgrades, etc.:

MA Lighting grandMA Version 5.4

grandMA now features a full Blind Editor. When leaving blind mode, the original values of the programmer are restored automatically. Also, the last selection used in the blind programmer is restored at the time of re-entering. The 3D visualizer may be used to preview and edit cues in blind mode. As another upgrade, any user with administrative rights may lock many elements. The usage and content of any channel, fixture, cue, preset, or other element or range of elements can now be analyzed with a new report function. The results can be printed or exported to a file (in CSV format). In addition, profiles can be assigned for dimmer and movement transitions for each cue in a sequence. On the new Fixture Compact Sheet, a selectable number of features are displayed for all fixtures, following the same sorting and display options of a channel sheet. Each fixture using pan and tilt parameters can be additionally equipped with real XYZ parameters. Together with the stage view window, the new XYZ parameters for fixtures can be used in a follow mode to graphically control the movement like a real follow spot. The actual position and rotation of a fixture in the stage room can be adjusted by a teach-in facility that calculates the wanted coordinates from moving the beam to four known points on stage.
MA Lighting Technology
Paderborn, Germany
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High End Systems Wholehog 3 Software Version 1.3.7

Version 1.3.7 software for the Wholehog® 3 operating system provides many enhancements and adds several new features including Tap Sync for chases, additional comment macros, and new preferences for show customization. Users may download the free software and enhancement details from or During development of v1.3.7, the HES engineering department introduced a Software Testing Program, allowing select programmers and operators of HES equipment to work directly with the internal testing department and engineering staff. The program will continue with future releases, and individuals interested in participating in future testing can apply at
High End Systems
Austin, TX
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Mole-Richardson 5K Tungsten PAR

The 5K Tungsten PAR (Type 6741) is the first dedicated 5,000W tungsten PAR light for the entertainment industry. Collaboration with General Electric has developed a tungsten globe designed for use with a parabolic reflector, allowing the new fixture to be used in a similar manner as an HMI PAR. This fixture offers the same interchangeable lenses and accessories as the Type 6641 2.5/4K DayLite PAR. Features include: replaceable lenses, adjustable beam control, axial operation, dimming, or switching with existing DMX setups, visual and tactile lamp positioning, and lightweight construction.
Mole-Richardson Co.
Hollywood, CA
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