Lamina Ceramics

This 13,300-lumen 860W RGB LED array generates light in more than 16 million colors, including white. Featuring independently controlled channels for red, green, blue, or additive color mixing to produce white, it provides 4,600 lumens of red (at 210W), 7,600 lumens of green (at 320W), and 1,100 lumens of blue light (at 330W). It also features variable color temperatures ranging from 3,000 to 6,500°K, with corresponding lumen output ranging from 6,500 to 9000. The output is achieved through a proprietary multi-layer ceramic-on-metal packaging, providing a high level of thermal management and interconnectivity between individual light-emitting diodes, designated “low temperature co-fired ceramic-on-metal” (LTCC-M). Wattages range from 1 to 100 in colors including white, amber, red, blue, green, and RGB.
Lamina Ceramics
Westampton, NJ
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Doug Fleenor Design
DMX512 to iPlayer 2

The DMX to iPlayer 2 interface (model DMX2IPLAY) allows DMX512 control of the iPlayer2 and Light System Engine controllers, both of which are products of Color Kinetics, Inc. The interface uses DMX512 data to set controller parameters via the controller's RS-232 input. The interface uses three (or optionally five) consecutive DMX512 channels to select trigger mode, show number, and intensity. Shows may also be triggered manually using the interface's three-digit thumb wheel switch.
Doug Fleenor Design
Arroyo Grande, CA
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High End Systems

The DL2, the third generation in HES' digital lighting line, is a “smart” automated lighting system featuring an integrated digital media server. One single package houses a light engine, media server, and content — and it hangs and acts like an automated light. There's no need for RGB cabling, and servers are not necessary at the FOH position. It's a plug-and-play system using standard DMX cabling and protocols. Its many features include: digital eye (infrared illuminator) as standard; ability to import 3D object images; two object layers (2D or 3D) and one mask layer; software based on Windows XP and DirectX; rotation and movement synchronization between DL2 units; movie playback synchronization between multiple DL2s; iris for full black-out; tiling with different viewpoints; edge blending for creating montages; custom-created library of digital art; scaling of objects on X, Y, and Z axes; full color mixing; ability to change viewing angle/perspective on images; remote video input switching; and 400° pan and 270° tilt.
High End Systems
Ausin, TX
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American DJ
Dura Truss System

The Dura Truss System is a durable gig rig that can support up to 300lbs. of lighting fixtures for DJs, bands, and mobile entertainers. The system consists of two 5' sections of triangular trussing and two crank stands. The steel truss tubing is small, which helps keep the system lightweight and transportable at just 85lbs. (unloaded). Quick Release pins allow for fast assembly without the use of clamps. All lighting fixtures can be bolted directly to the truss via the available mounting holes. The crank stands are designed not to tip over if someone accidentally bumps into the rig. The system is priced to fit the budgets of DJs and bands looking to expand their lighting arsenals.
American DJ
Los Angeles, CA
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VL2500 Spot and Wash

Vari-Lite has added an improved CYM color-mixing system, a coated glass dimmer wheel, and a separate dual-blade strobe system to its Series 2000 product line. The CYM color-mixing system provides color options from pastels to deep colors and responds almost like a fixed color wheel. The fixtures also have an 11-slot fixed color wheel, and a higher resolution coating process is used on the dichroic CYM wheels. They also now feature separate dimmer and strobe systems for a smooth dimming curve and fast strobe action. In addition, the pan and tilt motors on the fixtures are more powerful, provide more torque, and are quieter.
Dallas, Texas
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City Theatrical
PDS-750 TR Power Supply

City Theatrical and Color Kinetics Incorporated have jointly released a touring-style power/data supply, PDS-750 TR, for Color Kinetics® ColorBlast®, ColorBurst®, and iColor® Cove fixtures. The device allows connection and disconnection of up to 12 ColorBlast 12s, 24 ColorBlast 6s, 24 ColorBurst 6s, 48 ColorBurst 4s, and 96 iColor Coves by means of standard 4-pin XLR connectors. The supply enables users to address all fixtures plugged into the power/data supply to channel one, allowing a starting DMX channel to be set via standard BCD switches. Built-in dimming routines allow user-selectable fades without a console. A pass-through mode allows iColor Cove fixtures to be operated. Rack mount, pipe mount, and custom output configurations are available.
City Theatrical
Bronx, NY
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Strand Lighting
OneLight PAR and Fresnel

Both of these 575W MSR daylight luminaires feature an integrated ballast and igniter, and quiet, flicker-free operation. They join the 150W and 250W CDM Fresnels that also have integrated ballasts. All are suited to a wide range of film, television, and special event lighting.
Strand Lighting
Cypress, CA
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Martin Professional
Maxxyz Playback Wing

The new Maxxyz Playback Wing is the first module in a new Wing System that expands the console's functionality and gives users the ability to customize and add more direct access. The Wing expands the direct playback access of Maxxyz by three times and allows the operator to navigate through a show with even greater speed. Since the configurable design consists of two Playback Modules in one frame, users can create a Wing by incorporating any two modules.
Martin Professional
Aarhus, Denmark
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ARRI X Ceramic 250

ARRI X Ceramic 250 employs the Ceramic ST 250 HR discharge lamp from Philips, which produces a 3200K tungsten quality light. It provides almost the same output as a 1K halogen lamp yet consumes a quarter of its power. The fixture dissipates less heat than a halogen fixture. It is based on the design of the ARRI X Series but includes a built-in ballast and igniter and can be directly plugged to power. The unit provides a wide spread and is also suited for lighting situations in narrow spaces where maximum output is required. Features include: 250W/90-265VAC/50-60Hz; 4,000 hours lamp lifetime; hot restrike; 21200lm light output (lamp Ceramic ST 250 HR); built-in ballast; and flicker free operation (90Hz).
Blauvelt, NY
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GRAY 8-way RDM Repeater

The GRAY 8-way RDM Repeater provides full ESTA-RDM (Draft) support with useful configuration and routing features. The RDM Repeater has been designed to not just pass through all RDM data, but it adds a level of user configurability through an LCD display and navigation buttons. For example, if connected devices are a mix of RDM and DMX, there may be undesirable interaction. The Repeater permits users to enable or disable RDM for each of the eight outputs, as well as the input, to eliminate this concern. Other features include: fuseless “self-healing” input and output protection; built-in DMX troubleshooting tools; updating of firmware via USB connection (once the RDM protocol is approved). It is offered in 5-pin, 3-pin, and terminal strip configurations.
Pathway Connectivity
Calgary, Canada
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The newest addition to ETC's Smart lighting control family, SmartFade has three operating modes: Two-Scene, Normal, and DMX Backup. The Two-Scene mode provides a 12- or 24-channel, two-scene preset console with a manual or timed crossfade section, bump buttons with master, and a grand master. The Normal mode provides 48 or 96 channels with 288 or 576 memories and 48 sequences. The DMX512 input facility enables backup for any DMX512 lighting console. In DMX Backup mode, 24 or 48 backup looks of 512 channels each are provided, with backups recorded as dimmer snapshot. Button controls offer direct functionality: “Magic” (builds sequences or static lighting states); “Snapshot” (saves a scene temporarily); “Undo;” and “Preview” (shows a scene as a bar chart). A menu system allows programming at a more detailed level. Two configurations are available: a 12/48-channel 19" rack-mount version and a 27" 24/96-channel model, for larger applications. Control interfaces include MIDI or USB to a PC.
Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc. (ETC)
Middleton, WI
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The DLC224 DMX series of lighting control cables meet the USITT standard for DMX512 cable specifications: 120-ohm impedance, low-capacitance, double-foil, and braid shield. It features an all-weather, extra-flexible TPE jacket that is abrasion resistant and remains flexible in hot or cold environments. By impedance matching the cable to the circuit and providing complete broadband shielding, the range offers reliable interconnectivity without the concerns of data-drop that are possible when utilizing conventional cables not intended for data transmission.
Gepco International
Des Plaines, IL
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MA Lighting
grandMA Training DVD

MA Lighting introduces a new training tool: grandMA — the DVD. It explains, step-by-step, how to program grandMA consoles. It is a course for a self-study in different languages, through which the operating features and functions of the range are explained in detail. The DVD also includes additional tools and necessary information including a network guide, best of practice configuration examples, grandMA onPC software, grandMA 3D software, as well as a demo version of the latest member of the family — grandMA video.
MA Lighting Technology
Paderborn, Germany
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GE Lighting
HX5000 and HX1500/750

Only available from GE and Mole-Richardson, the new HX5000 120V, 5000W halogen lamp features an axial filament arrangement that provides improved optical control in PAR fixtures. Its width vs. depth ratio of 2:1 and special filament geometry aid optical control, smooth the beam pattern, and increased peak-beam intensity. Also new from GE and Mole-Richardson is the twin-filament HX1500/750, a 120V studio spotlight for use with 3200K-rated film stock. It can operate at 2250W, 1500W, or 750W and provides a constant color temperature over its three lighting levels.
GE Consumer & Industrial - Lighting
Cleveland, OH
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OSRAM Opto Semiconductors
Golden Dragon LED

The Golden Dragon LED is the first lead- (Pb-) free, surface-mount package (SMT) available. It utilizes both proprietary aluminum indium gallium phosphide (AlInGaP) and indium gallium nitrite (InGaN) chip technologies. The product is also scalable for use in a variety of applications, such as architectural and theme lighting, electronic signage, channel letters, and illumination applications.
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors
San Jose, CA
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Clay Paky
Alpha Wash HALO

The Alpha Wash HALO is an incandescent wash light with a 1000W (3200K) halogen lamp. It features CMY color mixing; light and heavy frost effects with linear variation on two channels; 0-100% dimming on a dedicated channel; and a stop/strobe effect. Additional features include: a self-charging buffer battery; pre-set macros; on/off lamp control from the console; ability to upgrade software through the DMX512 input; and an Ethernet connection.
Clay Paky America
Valencia, CA
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The my575 is a moving yoke fixture with a 575W lamp. It is capable of 630° pan and 265° tilt. Features include: two rotating gobo wheels of six gobos each; multiple color wheels; iris; rotating multi-facet prism; dimmer and strobe on separate channels; and built-in engines for iris, prism, colors, and movement. With the ability to download programs from the controller for use later, the fixture is well suited to industrial presentations where there is no need to have a controller onsite. It features 120V operation and uses 4.5A.
Elektralite/Group One Ltd.
Farmingdale, NY
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TechnoRainbow Line

The Display Media Division of Toshiba Transport Engineering, Inc. offers new LED screens and the company's first all-digital LED video processor. The TR2006R 6mm SMD is an indoor modular LED screen that can be built on a convex, concave, or combination curve along the horizontal axis. The TRV2025GC 25mm high-resolution Technovirtual LED is for outdoor applications where larger screens are required. The TRLC1050 is Toshiba's first video signal processor with an all-digital signal path.
Portland, OR
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The expanded line of the SharXS HTI double-ended metal halide lamps is designed for special effects, entertainment, architectural lighting, and for use in fixtures having similar footprint designs. Available in watts ranging from 200W to 1200W, the lamps employ eXtreme Seal (XS) technology, which enables them to withstand thermal stress of up to 450°C; a standardization of overall lengths; and a short arc. Osram's SFc10-4 pre-focus socket adds to the series and can be wired from either end. Key lock features for pre-focus ensure accurate lamp insertion.
Osram Sylvania
Danvers, MA
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XLR Switch

Neutrik introduces a new series of 5-pin, A/B series XLR chassis connectors with an integrated switch. These five-pole XLR receptacles can be used for audio, lighting, and industrial purposes and will be offered with vertical PC contacts. Since the switch is activated when the plug is inserted, it is possible to indicate, monitor, and control mated connections. The switch provides a normal open and normal closed contact, with a current rating of 100mA and a voltage of 12VDC. These XLR receptacles have the same features as the standard A/B series in both male and female configurations. The A series comes with plastic housing, while the B series has a metal ring for additional RF protection.
Neutrik USA
Lakewood, NJ
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The High Intensity Vorticular Enclosure (HIVE) modular system is part of OptiLEd's Modular Optical Array Series. Its modular design makes it suitable for large lighting projects to theatrical productions to underwater applications. Using a hexagonal design, each module interconnects and passes power and data to other units in the array. With a slot-in design between modules, the array can be built to virtually any size or shape. Each module uses three high-powered LEDs, including red, green, and blue, allowing for color mixing and lighting effects. Each is also capable of producing 16.7 million colors under DMX512 control. The first product featuring the HIVE module is the Modular Optical Array S-1, which holds an IP68 rating and can be used in fully submersible applications as well as normal dry, open conditions or locations.
Irvine, CA
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Manager V4

Manager V4 (as well as the upgrade to Manager V3) includes a redundancy mechanism that allows users to hot swap from one PC to another during a show in the event that a PC fails. In the past, it wasn't possible to tell a controlled device that it is no longer controlled by PC1, because, even if PC1 failed, the device thought it was still owned by it. The new mechanism allows PC2, if it detects that PC1 has failed, to tell all devices that it is now in control and that they should respond to it. The company has also reduced the number of windows necessary to program or enter parameters, device set up, etc. There is one main window, “The Explorer,” providing a list of all objects (devices, tasks, shows, etc.). Another general window, “Object Inspector,” provides access to all object parameters (UserScreen, Device, Variable, Cue, etc.).
Miami, FL
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BigLite 4.5

The BigLite 4.5 is a large format intelligent xenon fixture developed and manufactured by ZAP technology in Paris, France, in conjunction with Lumient LP and X&Y Systèmes. It offers real-time color mixing and diffusion with electronic strobe effects and energy-saving standby modes, improving bulb life, fan noise, and heat output. The fixture will generate a spot to wash effect three times per second. DMX programming is accomplished with onboard pre-programmed shows and a menu on the fixture and ballast. The fixture is specifically designed for concert tours, film, television, and live events.
BigLites America
Carrollton, TX
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Artistic Licence
Visual Patch

Visual Patch combines the power of the new RDM protocol, a lighting console, and a video camera. Point the camera at the stage and press the Visual-Patch button: the lighting console uses the RDM to switch on each lamp in turn. Then it analyzes the position, shape, and size of the lamp using the video camera, adds it to the patch, and automatically sets the lamp start address. The first product to implement Visual-Patch is Colour-Tramp, a lighting console that is optimized for control of two- or three-dimensional arrays of color changers.
Artistic Licence
Harrow, UK
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