A seemingly perturbed reader commented about a recent “how to” article we published, asking, “Does a professional publication write…for high school achievers or for professionals,” adding that the article, “could be perceived as ‘valued’ advice or as old news.”

At last, our reader implores us: “…please let us know who forms the basis for your ongoing readership.”

As this seemed like a plea for a public statement, I feel compelled to oblige. The basis for our ongoing readership is a veritable cross-section of the industry: lighting designers, programmers, technicians, sales and marketing professionals, tech support staff, gaffers, roadies, and more. We regard these readers as a diverse population of professionals, and many are more than willing to confess that they are still learning each and every day and find these editorial bits both fascinating and educational. After all, those who are the wisest are those who can admit they don't know everything.

Can I stop talking about this now? Eh, thank you.

This month saw quite a lot of news in our world. Veteran of the lighting industry Phil O'Donnell resigned from Strand Lighting after an astounding 26 years with the company. While we're sure he will be sorely missed by Strand, we are pretty confident we'll be seeing more of him in the near future.

In financial news, Color Kinetics has announced a move to go public. With over 28 patents and over 115 pending, the pioneering LED company has seen such a stellar rise since its inception in 1997 (yes, it's that new a company) that we've been poised for this news to happen sooner, rather than later.

The merger of Production Resource Group, LLC (PRG) and VLPS Lighting Services International, Inc. (VLPS), announced last month, has been fully approved by VLPS stockholders, and since the regulatory review period has expired, it's a done deal.

And excuse me for a “holy crap,” as we got an overwhelming response to last month's introduction of “Light Lunch” (with Roy Bennett and Abigail Rosen-Holmes). Folks are clamoring to participate in this feature. It seems you have a lot to say, and you have someone who will listen. As one reader put it, “I'm enjoying the candor and frank presentation of the magazine these days and look forward to seeing it continue to grow and develop.”

Thanks. It will.