I have been using Rosco's Image Pro in The Wilson Center, a multi-use space at Florida Community College in Jacksonville. I can create any image I need at the whim of a designer or client. The days of the $300 might-be-right-color gobos are gone and are being replaced by a $50 do-it-yourself slide. Take any image, print it on a high-quality printer on the acetate sheets, stick the image in the slide holder, and away you go. The image can be projected through any newer HPL575/750 lamped ellipsoidals using the accessories slot. It has a super quiet fan that keeps the image cool. When plugging in the ellipsoidal, I use a twofer — one leg for the luminaire and the other leg for the Image Pro — which allows me to share one dimmer, thus turning on or off the Image Pro with the instrument without having to run any extra DMX or AC cables. For very wide images, I use a Selecon wide-angle zoom; for business logos, an ETC Source Four® ellipsoidal, changing the lens tube to create the perfect image from any distance. Image clarity has always been somewhat of an issue with gobos, and although the image quality improved with HPL ellipsoidal instruments, ETC has stepped up and made a new series of lens tubes with projection in mind. The new lens in standard sizes is extra clear. I cannot wait to try the not-yet-on-the-market zoomable extra clear lens tube from ETC and the Image Pro from Rosco on my next project. After playing with both of them at LDI, I know I will not be let down.