I have become very fond of my pocket PC, the Dell AXIM X5 with a Wi-Fi card. The best benefit is being able to take a look at my calendar, “to do list”, emails, and phone book without pulling out my laptop. I also find myself frequently relying on my PPC for few other things. The first is the device's notepad. It allows me to write notes as if I were using a pencil and paper but without the hassle of keeping track of loose stickies, note cards, etc. All my notes are in one place and clearly labeled. Another utility I often use on the device is a stopwatch. The stopwatch helps to precisely time things like scenery moves, song partitions, act lengths, etc. I can then use those readings when writing the respective cues. The third application I commonly use is a beat meter. By taping the touch screen, this utility allows me to take beat measurements while I am listening to music. I can then quickly sync effects and/or chases to that music. Lastly, one of my favorites is using my PPC as a remote for the console. This application proved very useful on a recent auto show where fixtures hung for almost one half of the hall's length spanning through three booths. It allowed me to program from any area without moving the console or having multiple console locations.