The United States Federal District Court re-entered Vari-Lite's preliminary injunction against Martin Gruppen A/S and Martin Professional A/S on September 2. The injunction had been vacated by the appeals court on August 16 because it felt the lower court had not adequately explained its decision. The lower court then offered a more detailed explanation, leading to the September 2 re-entering of the injunction.

A Vari-Lite announcement stated that the court ruled that certain Martin products infringe a patent held by Vari-Lite Inc. The injunction prohibits Martin Gruppen A/S, Martin Professional A/S, and their affiliates from making, using, selling, leasing, or offering for sale or lease in the US, or importing into the US, the Martin MAC 600, MAC 500, MAC 300, or the Case series controller in conjunction with any of those three products. Rusty Brutsche, chairman and CEO of Vari-Lite International, stated, "We are pleased that the judge acted quickly to re-enter the injunction. Vari-Lite is committed to protecting its intellectual property, and this ruling demonstrates the strength of our intellectual property rights."