Green lights Artemide has developed the E.Light, named for its environmentally friendly characteristics (appropriate for April, with its annual Earth Day celebration), and its ergonomic, efficient design, by Ernesto Gismondi. The company says its 8" cold-cathode light source, at 3000K, provides a warm, pleasing light, while consuming only 3W (comparable to 15W incandescent); it also has an extremely long life, and is enclosed in a low-profile tubular enclosure that is 11" long. Its sleekness is obtained due to the near-absence of heat, which allows for fewer materials to be used for insulation and enables polycarbonate to be used in the lamp head.

Color selections include orange, white, red, violet, blue, and green in vibrant finishes. The telescopic rod is fabricated in galvanized brushed brass, and the nylon swivel joint allows for many ways to direct soft light on the desktop and away from a computer screen, eliminating glare. The cold-cathode lamp has a nominal life of 20,000 hours and is enveloped by a diffuser screen of perforated aluminum. ARTEMIDE Farmingdale, NY

Adding to overhead Steelcase has developed a family of task lights, called Canopy, to distribute light farther (over twice as much as conventional systems) and to reduce eyestrain. The luminaires, which have a proprietary optics system and a user-controlled dimming system, use conventional T5 lamps and are said to distribute the light without glare or hot spots. The design, created with the help of Terry Lautzenheiser, principal of DesignMax Laboratories, is compatible with a variety of architectural styles, in 2', 3', or 4' lengths. Numerous mounting options are available for the many structured office environments in use today, including installation on the walls of an open office environment (independent of the overhead storage cabinet) for both Steelcase-manufactured systems and competitors', as well as the slatwall type of system, frequently used in showrooms and retail applications.SteelcaseGrand Rapids, MIBulk up on fiberThe Laser Media LM 100 CDX, a high-output DMX512-controllable fiber-optic illuminator is small, reliable, and priced below $1,000 for the base unit. According to Laser Media, the illuminator provides 6,300 lumens at the aperture, utilizing a 100W high-intensity discharge lamp (4600K) and a proprietary optical assembly. The two-channel DMX512 control provides for selection of five dichroic colors plus white and mechanical dousing for 0-100% dimming capability. The illuminator is equipped with a 30mm standard fiber bushing for solid-core fibers and operates on 120VAC, consuming 120W. The dimensions are 71/2"x9"x9". Laser Media Los Angeles, CA

Keeping track FC Lighting's LVA low-voltage track lighting system now offers a dual MR-16 track head fixture. The fixture allows for one self-contained 75W track light/transformer unit to power two MR-16 35W lamps on independently controlled, 350-degree gimbals. Each head can be positioned independently or in unison. Color selection is black or white, and the fixture is UL-listed. FC LIGHTING Lombard, IL

The light touch Combining passive infrared and ultrasonic detection technologies, the Super Dual Tech Sensor is designed to offer reliable and error-free sensing capabilities for lighting fixture control. According to the manufacturer, it is designed to overcome the common problems of false activation due to heavy airflow, unintended blackouts caused by coverage gaps, and coverage fluctuations due to changes in humidity, temperature, and electrical noise. Separate, concurrent time delay settings for ultrasonic and IR sensors avoid inadvertent lights-out in occupied rooms. The manual on option allows occupants to turn lights on manually via a wall switch, which increases savings in rooms with adequate light. Super Dual Tech will control fluorescent and incandescent lamps and requires 15VDC from a Novitas Switchpack. Novitas Culver City, CA

Measuring LED content International Light has developed the IL1400A radiometer and CIE LED measurement systems for accurate measurement of LEDs. The system features a light tight-baffled input optic assembly that conforms with CIE condition "A" distance of 316nm and anti-reflection requirements. Available with preprogrammed detectors that are NIST-traceable, the portable radiometer auto-ranges to cancel ambient light, operates over a measurement range of 20 microcandela to 5 kilocandela, and provides direct readouts on an LCD display. Additional details and customizing options are also available from the manufacturer. INTERNATIONAL LIGHT Newburyport, MA

Let the sunshine in Solatube has introduced its Brighten Up series of tubular skylights, designed to allow natural daylight to be used for lighting interior spaces. Utilizing its proprietary and patented Raybender technology, Solatube captures and directs low-angle natural light down the tube for enhanced performance on cloudy days and during early morning and late afternoon hours. In addition, Brighten Up has more factory preassembled components, speeding installation. Two sizes are available. The 10" unit is suited for kitchens, hallways, home offices, walk-in closets, and other smaller spaces. The 14" unit is recommended for larger spaces, such as entryways, stairwells, living rooms, and larger rooms like commercial lounge and office spaces. Both models can be used in multiples for unique lighting effects. SOLATUBE INTERNATIONAL Vista, CA

Nifty 350 Venture Lighting has developed the 350W high-performance Uni-Form pulse start lamp ballast system. The Venture 350W lamp technology provides higher maintained lumen output than 400W universal or position-oriented (base up and base down) lamps in any lamp application. In addition, the 350W lamp, used with the proprietary 277V energy-saving Reactor Ballast with igniter starting, provides significant energy savings, meaning lower utility costs when compared to standard 400W technology. The lamps are offered in color temperatures of 3000K and 4000K, including both open and enclosed fixture-rated designs. Venture Lighting Solon, OH

Changing colors Lee Filters now offers any of its 200 filters as fluorescent tube covers. UV filters are also available. The firm preassembles the inserts into clear polycarbonate tubes with no-color endcaps. The colored tubes are completely assembled and available for both T8 and T12 fluorescent lamps. Many frequently requested colors are in stock and special or custom orders can be filled and shipped quickly. LEE FILTERS Burbank, CA

Lighting that XLs The HIR XL Ultra Life PAR lasts 6,000 hours, which, according to manufacturer General Electric, is about three times longer than a standard halogen PAR. The XL (extended life) version of the popular HIR PAR series is available in 45, 55, and 90W models and with 12-degree and 40-degree beam spreads. According to GE, the lamp provides excellent CRI and beam control. GE LIGHTING Cleveland, OH