The Cooke Corporation Cal-Light is a calibrated illuminance light meter capable of measurement in footcandles or lux units; it has a user-friendly design, and has an individual calibration certificate. The meter allows light measurements to be taken, while reading its output simultaneously, and with single button control. A built-in bracket enables the meter to be freestanding. Other features include autoranging, cosine and photopic correction (0.1 footcandles or lux sensitivity), user selectable fc or lux, and a protective carrying case included.

Another meter from Cooke is the Cal-Spot 400, a calibrated precision spot measuring brightness meter that is designed for close-up measurements ranging from 8" to infinity. The meter has a user-friendly design and an individual calibration certificate. Other features are single-button operation, autoranging (0.1 to 400,000 cd/m squared 2), auto-power off, large LCD display, and a wide viewing field with zero magnification. There is a distinct marked circle in the center of the viewing field indicating the 1ø measuring spot. The Cal-Spot enables measurements to be taken from 3' to infinity without having to focus, in both metric units and foot-lamberts. COOKE CORPORATION Auburn Hills, MI