This has been the most incredible month of my life. So much has happened so fast that it's difficult to react. The battle is underway in Afghanistan and, as I write this, there's no end in sight. The country is braced for more terrorist activity. The stock market rides a daily roller coaster. Our industry has taken a tremendous hit. And by the time you read this, things could be dramatically different.

Like everyone else, I've gone through the full range of emotions. I've been stunned, jittery, fearful, saddened, then gripped by unexpected hope. Now, I'm angry. We can never return to the world before September 11, but we can fight terrorism by simply going about our business. In a recent meeting, Lori Rubinstein of ESTA made an excellent point: This industry is all about community. Our products and our creativity support live entertainment, in which groups of people come together to share an experience. Every time they do that, they're saying no to terrorism. For all of us, it's time to move forward. Business will be difficult, but the opportunities are there. If we can keep going, then we'll never be defeated.