Thank you for the article about the Wellcome Wing in the March issue. It is very clear and gives an excellent idea of how the space works.

I am a little concerned by a factual inaccuracy. In fact, the entrance tunnel effect is created by dimmable, high-frequency 36W fluorescents behind a glass wall, lined with Durotran graphics in the key orange color. The tunnel was designed deliberately to prepare vistors for the deep-blue void beyond by exposing them to a strong contrasting colour as they pass along the entrance way. The orange light “breathes” rhythmically, creating a constantly varying light level in the passage, causing a sense of excitement and wonder. The scheme was originated by Wilkinson Eyre Architects, together with graphic designers Johnson Banks and the lighting designers, DHA Design Services. It proves a good example of architecture, lighting, and graphics combining to create a remarkable exhibition space.
Jonathan Howard