Bough 1 in London is a light installation inspired by the tradition of taking evergreens into the home in midwinter. Created on the wall of Bargehouse at Oxo Tower Wharf, Bough 1 is an arrangement of colored fluorescent tubes 17m (55') high, designed by Simon Corder.

“Simon was commissioned to develop a lighting installation for Oxo Tower Wharf for the winter season leading up to and beyond the festive period,” says Louise King of Coin Street Community Builders. “The brief was to create a dramatic, contemporary installation that reflected the ethos of Oxo Tower Wharf with its restaurants, design shops, and gallery spaces. The installation had to be visible from the riverside walkway, Waterloo Bridge, and beyond. Simon's Bough 1 satisfied the brief completely, and we are delighted with it.”

According to Corder, the installation was commissioned on a very tight schedule to be ready in time for the Lord Mayor's Parade firework display on November 13th, which attracts thousands of visitors to the South Bank on the River Thames. “EncapSulite and Trafalgar Lighting were magnificent in meeting the deadline and delivering the project on time,” he says.