Columbus McKinnon Pro Commander Motor Controller
The Pro Commander from Columbus McKinnon® Entertainment Division, a company known for its hoists, now has the Pro Commander, a computer-controlled, variable speed hoist motor controller. It features control of up to 127 hoists and variable-speed positioning.
Columbus McKinnon

H&H Specialties Safety Lockout Tag and Rope Lock
Workplace safety is a major concern in all industries, none more so than entertainment, but at this point, we are mostly on our own in terms of standards. Toward the goal of safer systems, H&H Specialties introduced its newly designed Rope Lock and Safety Lockout Tag, which has been popular (and required) in other industries. Used in combination, these products guard against unauthorized use of counterweight sets. The Rope Lock is constructed with a ductile iron body and 9" red Plastisol-covered steel handle. Standard for use with ¾" purchase lines and is designed to hold a 50lb maximum imbalance. The Safety Lockout Tag can be installed to fix the handle in the locked position. It is constructed of red anodized aluminum and has a place for a grease pencil used to record the required information.
H&H Specialties

TentTec O-Bag
In the category of head-slappers, or “Why didn't I think of this?” is the O-Bag from TentTec. The O-Bag could not be simpler if it tried. It is a new way to stabilize pipe bases without the clumsy and potentially dangerous use of sandbags. The O-Bag wraps around the pipe and base, giving you even weight distribution, more stability, and a streamlined look. It is 24" in diameter, weighs 35lbs, with handles on one side and a smooth side on the other, has a Velcro® closure, and is available in elegant black only. You can purchase it with or without sand.

Thern Set Up Hoist
Thern has winches for a variety of tasks. One of its newest is the Series SU6, Set Up Hoist, a portable lightweight hoist designed for maintenance and setup. It features a single reduction bronze worm gear for accurate and secure operation and a die-cast aluminum gear case that totally encloses the gears and provides strength in a lightweight package. An oil bath provides continuous lubrication to minimize wear. The motor is 115/208/230V single phase, 60Hz, TEFC, reversible, and continuous duty.
Thern, Inc.

Total Structures new wave Truss
As its name suggests, new wave (patent pending) is the next generation in trussing. Its patented construction methods and connection system make it unique, and allow previously unused materials and concepts to be introduced into truss design. The array of finishes and arrangements that can be achieved surpasses anything that has come before it. A-wave is the grandfather of the new wave series in that it uses traditional aluminum chords with the extruded-plate technology. The A-wave offers several unique faces to the world of modular truss in addition to the more typical polished silver and powder-coated finishes. C-wave combines the aluminum extruded-plate technology with space-age carbon fiber chords. The strength-to-weight properties of carbon fiber are well known, and utilizing established manufacturing processes combined with a carefully developed lamination pattern, C-wave brings this technology to modular structures for the first time. P-wave is the decorative version of the series and it is made entirely of Plexiglas. P-wave really comes into its own when lit. P-wave has the potential to become not just the structure for lighting support but part of the light show itself.
Total Structures Inc.


MDG Fog Generators Ltd Ice Fog Compack
From MDG, the company that gives you fog and haze in almost every form, comes the Ice Fog Compack, a smaller version of its Ice Fog system. It comes in two versions of either low or high pressure and works in combination with CO2, DMX, and MDG’s portable design to provide ultra-quiet and adjustable delivery of low fog. It uses MDG’s Low Fog Fluid at a rate of 0.035L (1.05oz) per minute at full output to create 0.5 - 4.5-micron particles, and has a 2.5L (0.66 US gallons) fluid reservoir. It has an operating voltage of 115 or 230V AC, 50/60Hz, consumes 1,450W, and warms up in approximately seven minutes.
MDG Fog Generators Ltd


Barco Events Events Controller
Barco introduces the Events Controller, a fully integrated show control system based on Barco’s D320 platform, which enables the control of all daylight and projection displays as well as other equipment involved in a show, including the Catalyst System™, automated and conventional lighting devices, fog machines, image generators, truss motors, and hydraulics. One of its features is Positracking™, the ability to recreate the exact position and status of all show devices as seen at any specific point during a performance. The unit supports a wide range of control protocols, including DMX, RS422, RS232, and TCP/IP and image processing that includes color keying, alpha blending, Z-order, and others.
Barco Events

Medialon Manager V2 Show and Media Control Software
Medialon Manager V2 is a show control software based on Microsoft Windows 2000/XP and is designed for live events, staging, entertainment, and museum applications. With one or several show controllers, you can control all show elements, including digital media, special effects, lighting, etc., and synchronize them with one click. You can also add macro commands for live actions and interact during the show to create a dynamic presentation. Manager V2 offers an extremely simple graphical description tool for the system. Once the hardware and accessories are installed and connected, the various elements are declared graphically. Even the configuration of complex installations is straightforward.
Medialon SA