It's casual month for the editor. Do me a favor and skip right over to David Barbour's delightful first-person account of his adventure at Eurovision (page 30), a wild, wild event. Did that? OK, now let's journey to Broadway for an illumination summation of two Tony Award-winning shows, Blast (page 16) and The Invention of Love (page 24). And there's lots going on in clubland, as you'll see as you trip through our special section, beginning on page 47.

Need more? You may not think there's anything funny about energy conservation, but advisory board member Ted Ferreira finds some amusing fallacies, on page 14. And we're bulking up, so log on for daily highlights. I will be, from my St. Barth's retreat this month.

Before I pack my bags, two staff notes. Our longtime film/TV maven John Calhoun graduates to senior editor, retaining his former duties and adding a few besides. And a fond farewell to senior associate editor Jane Hogan, now editing the online version of Funk & Wagnalls, and thus putting her encyclopedic knowledge to good use.