When Sheryl Crow embarked on her Wildflower tour in October, the new songs from her album of the same name weren't the only debuts on the road; the DL.2 from High End Systems was also making a splash as the tour crisscrossed the US and ended in the UK in December, with lighting designed by Paul Guthrie. The LD drew his inspiration from modern architecture for this tour, and he chose Element Labs Versa Tube because it reminded him of Keith Sonnier's neon sculpture at the Caltrans District 7 building in Los Angeles. “We looked at many different materials for the screens and riser fascia before choosing the aluminum coil drapes from Cascade Coil to give us a simple but mod look,” he says.

As with many — or some would say, most — concert tours, time was not on Guthrie's side. “We only had four weeks once the final designs were approved to gather the elements, build the entire set, and produce the video content,” he explains. “I got support from a lot of suppliers which helped us meet the deadline.” PRG supplied the lighting, and XL Video supplied the video.