The Pulse is racing Venture Lighting, a division of Advanced Lighting Technology, has introduced a new line of high-performance metal-halide products, called the Uni-Form(tm) Pulse Start Series. Low-wattage, energy-saving, high-output lamps, in a variety of bases, temperature, and CRI ranges are available. Lamp sizes include 50, 70, 100, 150, 175, 200, 250, 320, 350, and 400W. The new line features Uni-Form, a formed body arc tube technology that produces a superior lighting output compared to current standard- and high-output metal-halide lamps. The company says the lamps provide an approximately 22% improvement in comparison to standard metal-halide lamps, and lumen maintenance is greatly improved. The new series uses a pulse-start ballast system for faster lamp warm-up, and reduces hot restrike time. ADVANCED LIGHTING TECHNOLOGIES INC. Twinsburg, OH

Cables to a T The Automated Entertainment HD Band*iT(tm) KableKeeper is made of rubber (similar to an elastic band), with one side attached to a plastic dowel, forming a T shape. The T shape keeps the KableKeeper wrapped around the cable, especially when handling or storing the bundled cable. Via the dowel, the T shape allows users to insert the top of the T into the elastic band, which keeps the cable bundled tightly; small cables can be carried or hung from the dowel. The products are available in nylon zip tie, woven nylon line, or elastic band materials, and can be customized. AUTOMATED ENTERTAINMENT HD DICHROIC(tm) Burbank, CA

Eye on optical filters Balzers Ltd. has developed a new family of interference or optical filters (thin films) with exceptional thermal, mechanical, and optical stability properties. These filters can be used to separate heat and light, and for UV blocking, color selection, and color conversion. Through an improved manufacturing process, Balzers is able to produce filters that are more stable, less susceptible to the damaging effects of heat, and have significantly reduced color variations. BALZERS AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT Liechtenstein

Triple threat ECT's 3-Fer distributes electrical power from one male input through three female outputs, via cam-type 16-series connectors. The 3-Fer eliminates pigtail extensions or "homemade" splitters, by providing a safe way to power three circuits. Due to the design of the longer male leg, other circuits located on the distribution box or generator panel receptacle are not obstructed. With its compact design, the ECT 3-Fer can be used wherever there is a need for splitting power feeds. The product meets applicable National Electric Code standards for locking type connectors, and CSA certification is pending. ELECTRICAL CONNECTOR TECHNOLOGIES INC. Cincinnati, OH

Hats and rings for Vari*Lites With the help of Ragtime LDs Jules Fisher and Peggy Eisenhauer, City Theatrical has developed accessories for Vari*Lite(r) automated luminaires. All are constructed of tempered aluminum, with a black powder-coat finish, and have built-in spring clips or tabs and/or safety cables for simple attachment. The VL5(tm) Spill Ring does not affect the light beam other than to remove aberrations caused by the interaction of the lens and the light source. The VL4(tm) Top Hat and the VL6(tm) Full Top Hat reduce the viewing angle to the lens and allow the luminaires to be positioned closer to the edge of the sightline without restricting or changing the beam in any way. The traffic light-shaped VL6 Half Top Hat can be rotated, allowing the viewing angle to be positioned as needed; the half top eliminates light bounce back from the inside of the top hat cylinder. CITY THEATRICAL INC. Bronx, NY

Aim those tracklights The Lightolier(tm) ProSpec Track line was provides special lighting instruments and associated track primarily for the retail market. The new line has a special Tru-Lock(tm) mechanism to allow easy horizontal and vertical aiming at precise 15 degree increments and locking without tools. ProSpec Track has separate mechanical and electrical connections, allowing the lighting instrument to be de-energized without being removed. The track can also provide two separate 20A circuits. Other features include complete lines of filters, including UV and infrared reduction, and screens and louvers. It is available in matte white and matte black. ProSpec Track is UL-listed. LIGHTOLIER Fall River, MA

Port-an-eye The IL1400A radiometer (photometer) and the SPL025Y pen-type probe are an affordable system for measuring the brightness of any kind of CRT or backlit display. The probe distinguishes colors the way a human eye does, and features a photopically corrected Y filter. The radiometer provides direct readouts in fl, cd/m2, and other units on an LCD display, and operates on 4 AA batteries. The probe has an aperture hood for either luminance or contact luminance measurements. INTERNATIONAL LIGHT INC. Newburyport, MA

The Hollywood flashers LP Associates' Sunflash is a 24W metal-halide luminaire that looks just like a black anodized flashlight. Similar to other members of the Sunspot family, Sunflash features a metal-halide short arc DC lamp and miniaturized electronic ballast. The Sunflash delivers a constant 5500K daylight temperature, at approximately 1/3 the power of a typical 100W halogen lamp. It operates on 12VDC at 2.5A. Two sizes are available: Sunflash I is 9" (228mm) long, at 10.7oz (300g), and Sunflash II is 11" (279mm) long, at 12oz. (336g). Warm-up time is about 18 seconds. The flexible pigtail power cable protruding from the back can easily be concealed by costumes or other props. LP ASSOCIATES INC. Hollywood, CA

Chilling out The 78W Coolray XL halogen-type PAR-38 has a special coating applied to its reflector which allows the heat to escape from the back of the lamp while directing the light out the front. The lamp is ideal for lighting heat-sensitive areas such as meat and produce displays. The 78W halogen lamp has the same light intensity throughout its 5,000-hour lamp life as a 100W incandescent PAR-38 lamp. LITETRONICS Alsip, IL

The taskmaster The Luxo Halogen 3 task light has a 35W, energy-efficient, long-life tungsten-halogen lamp controlled by a two-position light switch. The light source is contained within a traditional Luxo "stepped" shade, or a new semi-elliptical shade. Luxo says the Halogen 3 has the same counterbalanced concealed spring arm that other Luxo task lights have. This arm is available in two lengths and allows precise vertical and forward placement of the light without casting harmful glare into the user's eyes. The shades are available in amber, black, blue, or green; purple is available only for the semi-elliptical shade type. Mounting options for the Halogen 3 (which is UL-listed and CSA-approved) are floor base, edge clamp, and weighted oval table base. LUXO CORP. Port Chester, NY

Skimming the surface The Prescolite LVH41C is a low-voltage halogen recessed ceiling downlight for applications where the surface comes into direct contact with ceiling insulation. The design of the LVH41C (which is 51/2", or 14cm, in height) allows for installation into shallow plenum areas. The downlight can be configured for ambient lighting, wall washing, accent, or specialty lighting applications. There are optional lamp wattages, reflector styles and finishes, apertures, trim rings and colors, and the fixture is UL-listed. PRESCOLITE San Leandro, CA

Glare grabbers P5(tm) is the newest member of the Scientific Lighting Products(tm) Parasquare(copyright) injection-molded plastic parabolic lighting louver family. Parabolic louvers are light control media that reduce glare from ceiling-mounted lighting fixtures. The series of flat black cells provide the same efficiency as prismatic lenses but limit distribution to the 0-60 degree zone for more comfortable lighting. P5 is manufactured in four flanged sizes that fit the majority of recessed fluorescent luminaires, and three sizes for ceiling applications, including metric-sized panels. Finishes are specular silver or gold, or protective Dura-Lux(tm). SCIENTIFIC LIGHTING PRODUCTS Maryland Heights, MO

Clampdown The Rosco(tm) Sure Clamp speeds the hanging of lighting instruments, without any wrenches. Electricians hook the clamp onto the pipe and the weight of the already attached lighting instrument snaps the clamp closed. The Sure Clamp's inside surfaces (which come into contact with the pipe or lighting grid) are machined with a jagged edge, for a tight and secure fit. At the base of the clamp is a built-in knob for tightening by hand. ROSCO LABORATORIES INC. Stamford, CT

Miniature sun The Solarc(tm) lamp is a miniature arc lamp and ballast for theatrical lighting applications. Operating at 5500K color temperature, the white light closely resembles natural sunlight. The Solarc operates at 60 lumens per watt and is available in 18, 21, 24, and 50W configurations. Because the Solarc lamp is based on low wattage for maximum output, the resulting small size allows for a small ballast and portable battery operation. The Solarc is approximately 2" (5cm) long. WELCH ALLYN LPD Skaneateles Falls, NY

A new way to tape Specialty Tapes has developed Tunnel Tape, a rugged, hand-tearable tape with a patented backing and non-residuing adhesive on the edges. The tape creates a "tunnel" that bundles cables and cords, and secures them to the floor (or other surface) quickly and easily. Because Tunnel Tape is manufactured without adhesive in the center, there is no sticky residue to remove from the cables. Via the tunnel, cables can be pulled through to take up slack without retaping. Tunnel Tape is available in 3" (8cm), 4" (10cm), 6" (15cm), and 8" (20.5cm) widths in matte black and yellow/black warning stripes. SPECIALTY TAPES Franksville, WI