Richard Green has left Wildfire Inc., the Los Angeles-based UV blacklight company he co-founded and was president of for seven years, to start a new venture, UV/FX Scenic Productions. Kent Mathieu, Wildfire's art director, has also departed the firm, and joins UV/FX as creative director.

"We're not going to manufacture fixtures or paint," says Green. "What we're going to do is specify fixtures and be dealers for several different UV lighting manufacturers. Mostly we're going to do high-end scenic work, and be a creative resource to execute specialized scenic painting."

UV/FX Scenic Productions is located at 171 Pier Avenue, Suite 355, Santa Monica, CA 90405. Phone and fax number is 310/392-6817; e-mail is, and the company has a website at

At Wildfire, Michael I. Friedman will continue in his role as vice president of marketing and sales, while Gary A. Ofstad will be the firm's vice president of operations and CFO. One of Wildfire's latest credits is Dante's Peak, a volcano-themed refurbishment of part of Universal Studios Hollywood's backlot tram tour.